By myheadhurts - 21/06/2009 07:09 - United States

Today, I came home from an amazing cruise to find that my house broken into. My best friend apparently decided to invite her drug addicted friends into my home while I was away where they stole 172$ and my migraine pills, which are non-refillable. I now have a migraine. FML
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hecuva 0

make her pay for everything and change the locks so it doesn't happen again.. OR get the police involved.. get triple or more money for damages

LuckyCharms_fml 0

My dad has done that to me before


platypuscatrat 0

YDI for getting migraines.

kEnNy172 0


aint dem migraine dangaz

hecuva 0

make her pay for everything and change the locks so it doesn't happen again.. OR get the police involved.. get triple or more money for damages

Have to agree with you on that one. Why are you even best friends or even a friend of her at all in the first place? She doesn't seem to be that bright and from what I've read, highly irresponsible.

i really think this is fake

A lot of things on FML is fake.

Definitely get the police involved. A prescription IS refillable if you have a police report saying it was stolen. Extricate this "friend" from your life. This is not how real friends treat each other.

yea, get better friends.

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infest0125 0

#3, your life sucks because you're too stupid to understand what this FML is really about. Dumbass.

Are you retarded? Do you know how badly migraines hurt?

LuckyCharms_fml 0

My dad has done that to me before

not YDI, FYL. sorry time was up. Also, a I got first.

what exactly do you gain by being "first"? Does it make you feel better about yourself and/or life to have been the first person to read and comment on a website? If it does your existence is pathetic. To the OP, that totally sucks, and I'm sorry that your best friend is that disrespectful of your home. I'd make them pay for the damages, and drop the "best" from your relationship title.

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arienh4 0

Unfortunately you don't know the meaning of the word punctuation. The dollar sign can be behind and in front of the value, it doesn't really matter. Mainly personal preference. Also, that doesn't mean he deserves it. It's also amazing how you tried to be a smartass and then said your instead of you're.

Oh buuuuuuurnnnn to that kid. Haha he got owned. way to go man.

haaaa that's hilarious

you know.... i'm from Canada... and in Canada we write it 172$ and not $172... so yea...

hecuva 0

:( 25.. it was going so well until you said that... i'm also in Canada, i write the dollare sign infront... like #10 says, it's preference

Ya...I write it in front to #25.... EPIC FAIL

woa epic fail not so much... you need to chill. #28 im gonna guess your from the ROC and not quebec.

curryndricegirll 0

"Your" a dumba$$.

#33: its not an epic fail for #25 cuz in quebec they put it behind, and in case you didnt realize by now, quebec IS in canada.

I'm in Canada and also write the dollar sign in front =P

CassandraBear93 0

haha you got served #6

Bloodrush 0

Yay i was not the only one to realize that mistake...props 36

really? what about how to properly spell "you're"?

I put the dollar sign on the end sometimes too, because I'm bilingual and in french it goes on the end not the beginning, you should think about these things before you make fun of people for it.

#6 ur whole life is and FML u got owned so so badly HAHAHAHA dipshit

ohhhhshizzz 0

Well you know to grow the fuck up. Stop playing with your barbie dolls, get off this site and get over yourself. Also *you're. That is the word you were looking for, your is possesive.

Lol, you're retarded. If you're going to correct someone unnecessarily, at least spell/grammar check your own crap... good idea, n'est-ce pas?

LaLaJoy 2

The OP didn't say they were from Canada? Sounds like they're from California to me.... Either way, there's nothing wrong with putting a dollar sign behind a monetary amount. Who really cares?

I love it when stupid people try to sound smart and fail.

Like anyone gives a shit about where you put the $ sign. This person lost $172 and you only care that he put the $ sign in the wrong place?! You are an inconsiderate a**hole.

Mads_1234 28

My an idiot what?

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Maybe you'd like to replace that $172.

lmfao wow... seems as though there are a lot of confused people here... lots of mistakes

ohhhhshizzz 0

Maybe because you are in France or whatever but here in America we are in a recession, that means the economy is shit right now. $100 bucks won't get you far but you WILL need it for many things. Oh and before you play the he went on the amazing cruise card, he could have won it.

^I know I hate when people do that

chibears4685 0

#6, if you say you know how to use correct punctuation, then why don't you? It would be "you're an idiot", not "your an idiot".

mylifesucks_alot 0

That completely sucks. I'm assuming you aren't best friends anymore? I have migraines and know how much they suck (I throw up from any sort of smell when I have one) so I really hope that your doctor will understand that whole robbery situation. Definite FYL.

_Some_One_ 0

#11: FYL, not in a mean way. OP: FYL.

yeah i have migraines too. but i have the type where i'd remember to do something, and a few seconds later i'd forget. and i can't concentrate ever. my temples would be killing me, and random parts of my head would thump like a heartbeat and i'd have a few headaches every day, but my medication is so awesome x] rarely had any since i started. i don't know if it helped with the memory and concentration though. but yeah, i feel your pain