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Today, I came home from a year long backpacking trip in Europe. During my absence my parents divorced, dad took the house and most of the money, sister is seven months pregnant, brother was arrested for statutory rape, and my mom pawned all my stuff to buy booze to "cope." Oh, and my fish died. FML
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that'll teach you to stay the hell away from Europe. But seriously, would things have been different if you stayed? Be glad you didnt have to live through it all.

...Wait. Your sister is pregnant. Your brother is arrested for rape. ... Dude, FYL for having an incestuous family!


that'll teach you to stay the hell away from Europe. But seriously, would things have been different if you stayed? Be glad you didnt have to live through it all.

if he was home he could have at least stopped her from pawning all his stuff.

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Awwwwe I'm so sorry OP :( maybe you should just go back and stay in Europe.

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#68, what is the point of creating an acronym and then writing what it means?

So people know what it means, duh. If someone wrote me FYFL, I'd probably sit here like "**** your..******* life? **** your....friends life? **** your...Oh fish! FISHES LIFE! DUHHH Cuz that's SOOOO Obvious, only NOT."

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whooooooa that took me 4evr to get even after u said it... i was like 'wait what? what's f ur fishes life? huh? wtf is everybody talking about?!"

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at first i thought it meant f your family's lives but then that wouldn't make sense grammatically.

If he was home he could have stopped his mom from pawning all his stuff and fed his fish then repacked and move out. Or go for another backpack trip then come home and stay with his dad or something. IF only you called home to check on things ? Someone write an FML for the fish. :D

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What i meant was, what is the point of even making the acronym then? I can't think of very many situations that "FYFL" would even come in handy


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today, I deid from my owners neglecting me and raping me. fml

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nooooo mr fishy?!!!!!! fyl indeed

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Or he could of stayed fed his fish, keeping his stuff from getting pawned like said before. He could of also stayed home do something with his brother or sister that would of took the place of them rapeing or getting pregnent. Well he couldn't have stopped his parents from getting divorced, because that is a process that most likely takes more than a year. So he could of stopped it all.

Well guys, this ******* sounds fake to me.

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That's probably the worst thing that could happen. Oh well, it doesn't effect me! But I do feel sorry for you

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I'm so sorry! Fish deaths are the worst.

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Hmm... my analysis is that your brother probably raped your sister while using the fish as a toy leading to pregnancy and a dead fish and your parents divorced over that and your family pawned all your stuff and shared the money just cause you were not there

i agree with 247 theres way too mu h shit going on in this fml. all you have to do is think of the worst possible situation

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Nowhere in the post does it say OP never rang home. This just all happened in their absence

Well it doesn't really have a life anymore.....

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Most US Cellphone networks don't have coverage outside of the US

yeah but it's easy enough to get a european cell phone for cheap

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Yea, it's OBVIOUSLY this grown man's responsibility to keep his brother out of jail, his sister celibate and his parents marriage together.

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I was thinking the exact same thing when I read this. Did OP never think of calling to hear news about the family and feeding his fish? In a way OP kind of deserves it for not checking in on his family... But nothing you can do about the whole brother situation.

He kind of deserves it? It doesn't say he didn't try to communicate with his family. Maybe he did, and (since you can guess what crazy family this is), they probably didn't call back, or write a letter back. Maybe they didn't give the OP the news just so he could still enjoy his trip in Europe. I don't know, but I don't think the OP deserves it, it isn't his responsibility to take care of the whole family and keep them together. What could he have done from Europe? Maybe he was there for school, work or something and couldn't immediately go back. Things happen.

how in the world can you even try and say that the OP deserved this?? no one deserves all of this, and plus, cell phones probably didn't work, or were very expensive to use overseas... all i'm saying is we all know how hard some things can be to get thru, and this is obviously a very difficult in their life. they in NO WAY deserved this, or your rude comments.

and instead of talking w/ friends he/she to post it on fml

Nothing said that he/she didn't talk to them, too. Just because OP posted it here doesn't mean they didn't do anything else about it.

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Yeah, that whole 30 seconds they spent on here... Man, they must've missed so much.

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at last a good fml man a hug for op? srry bout the fishie

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that's so terrible! hope things get better.

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This is clearly sarcasm, but some people aren't going to know that

...Wait. Your sister is pregnant. Your brother is arrested for rape. ... Dude, FYL for having an incestuous family!

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I lol'd ..but really, that sucks. D:

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lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo that sux major ass tho

^ You can't laugh your ass off that many times, you must be some sort of fairy or something!

Exactly, get the frak back! Your family screwed your life, you're obviously better off without them. Pawn some of your mother's jewellery and buy the first plane ticket you can.

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#33 I know what she did was bad but she's dealing with enough shit alreafy, why cause more by pawning her jewlery? He should help his family out, they probably missed OP a lot, least he can do is try to help.

Yeah, like they deserved any help, right? Her mother pawned all his stuff to buy booze. This simply screams for revenge. If her mother doesn't have any jewelery left, then he obviously can't pawn them (because probably she did it already). But if she has, then she considers her jewelery (and booze) more important than her non-jailed son. Then she's not his mother, she's just a selfish bitch who gave him birth. Oh, and about his sister. There's like 45% probability that the divorce happened before she got pregnant, so she had no excuse, but even if she was already pregnant, she was still there to help her mother. Or at least to stop her pawning the stuff. She didn't. So in OP's shoes I'd consider pawning some of her stuff too... (The brother was probably arrested for having an underage girlfriend, it's kind of easy to get in jail for that in the USA, but without further details, I'm just guessing. If this is not the situation, then the whole "family" could share the price of the plane back and the rent for the first couple of months... Oh, and if they missed OP much, then why didn't they pawn the jailed brother's stuff? He'll be there for a good while. )

i like how everyones taking this seriously ITS FAKE! they wouldn't of posted it if it were real