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Today, I came home from a weekend trip with some friends, and walked straight in on my girlfriend cheating on me. She burst into tears and began apologizing. Her exact words were "I'm so sorry! I thought you were coming back tomorrow." FML
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  jonan1212  |  5

Now this may sound wierd, because I BLAME OP for coming home

  witchdoctor1  |  9

Yea. No guy should put up with that. And that excuse is almost as bad as cheating itself "yea I admit I fucked this guy....just didn't think you'd be home so soon. My bad" like op won't flip cuz of it? Pfft show her the door bro

  downtime  |  12

Only the dumbest of people get angry at or attack the person cheating with your partner. Unless they've explicitly told you they knew what was going on, why just attack someone for an innocent act?