By cheated - 23/11/2011 17:03 - United States

Today, I came home from a weekend trip with some friends, and walked straight in on my girlfriend cheating on me. She burst into tears and began apologizing. Her exact words were "I'm so sorry! I thought you were coming back tomorrow." FML
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That fuckin sucks! Kick the bitch out!

Well... Was the trip fun?


Now this may sound wierd, because I BLAME OP for coming home

That's okay cause I blame your parents... For you being an absolute moron

"love one another" if they cheat on you, switch the last two words. Sorry bout your luck OP better luck with the next one

did she yell at you for not seeing the signs sooner?

Your girlfriend is from New Jersey, and this surprises you OP?

Well you live in jersey what do you expect...the scum of America live there!!

I hope you dug it deep enough op!

Your mom shoulda swallowed, and your dad shoulda pulled out.

^ kinda redundant

It that time of year of thanksgiving, you can be thankful you got that cheating bitch off your hands!

I woulda been like, "I'm so sorry! I was gonna come back tomorrow until I thought you were better than the chicks there!" hahaha.

Your turn to say 'I'm so sorry, I thought I'm leaving tomorrow'

you can take the fetus out of Jersey but you can't take Jersey out of the fetus...

Please tell me you kick her fucking cheating ass out and never see her again.b

so true

#3: hold on. what does he have to do with it? besides why should OP get cheated on and get his ass beat too?

Sick dirtymax bro

#77 You are idiotic.

#8, this may sound weird but I BLAME YOU for existing.

That fuckin sucks! Kick the bitch out!

Yea. No guy should put up with that. And that excuse is almost as bad as cheating itself "yea I admit I fucked this guy....just didn't think you'd be home so soon. My bad" like op won't flip cuz of it? Pfft show her the door bro

You mean op EX-girlfriend

No. First kick the other guy's ass, then kick her out.

I hope OP said Don't let your cheating ass get hit by the door on your way out of my life!!!

Only the dumbest of people get angry at or attack the person cheating with your partner. Unless they've explicitly told you they knew what was going on, why just attack someone for an innocent act?

The OP came home. There are generally indicators whether or not someone is living at a place by themselves or with a significant other.

"fuck slitting her throat, cut the bitches head off"

What the hell? You need to call 1-800-chokethathoe !!!

Screw kicking her out, just kick that jerk!

At least she cared about his feelings. Talk it out. After you bury the other guy

The marines suck

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A good old fashion cunt punt is in order here!

Couldn't agree more Death

Need new gf? Why not zoidberg?

Yea it's your fault OP for not calling her on your way back. Duh everyone knows that

Seriously, I hope op let her finish up first.

if OP would've called ahead of time, he wouldn't have known that his gf was a hoe scum of the earth that didn't care about him

Lmaoo funny guy

Well... Was the trip fun?

Yes. OP's girlfriend had lots of fun while he was gone

Only a virgin would ask that

Umm what? That's a general question not just something a virgin would ask...

dont worry rhino troll man, we fmler's got ur back against retards

I brought my special anti-retard ballistic knives. I've got your back.

When does the narwahle bacon :) my username is happygal34 hmu

Lol thanks guys, some people can just be complete fucking morons! It makes me sad man has evolved to this.

Calm down virgins

She's just sorry she got caught. But the weekend trip was nice yes?

He should dump her ass and go for another trip

Makes sense. Why the hell would she want you to cum, when she's got someone else already cumming?

I see what you did there.

You'd have to be a fucking idiot not to

God damn your picture made me hungry...

at least you found out..

Yeah before you caught something from her nasty cheating ass!

Or what if she had his baby and tried to pin it on OP?

Time for a new girlfriend, OP.

Wherever you found her; don't go looking for another one there. In fact; avoid anyone within 6 degrees of seperation.

What does OP mean?

#28 But then OP could be with Kevin bacon!

This is why you don't give her a key.

Unless they live together...

Especially if they lived together

I like your style.. Even if they live together. You want to come inside? It waits at the Door until it's let in.

Fire back: "I'm so sorry! I thought I could trust you with my house key."