By Anonymous - 19/08/2010 08:22 - United States

 Today, I came home from a long day at work, and heard voices coming from my living room. I thought my house was being robbed so I called 911. Turns out I left the T.V. on. FML
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t.v announcer: in other news.. op: oh snap I'm being robbed!

Well, what if the TV had a gun and shot him!?


Lol don't worry bout it haha. I gtg recharge anyways. But what everr :P I'll listen now :)

Pastor_Rich 0

you fail

hahah #1 failed. accidentally pasted a message I sent. FML.

You deserved it for failing.

Haha, I was wondering why it didn't say 'could have been a lot worse' already. You failed :D Not as hard as the OP though.


lol. the lame ones are usually fat chicks. this is funny since you're a guy. I hope your mangina survived the scare of the TV being on...

that what happens when u get surround sound

it's funny because you called the cops on your tv

YDI for being to paranoid

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lol at legonut.

Ydi for being stupid and a pussy. You should have found out if they were actually there and whether they had weapons and shit, then kick their ass! Haha but instead you hid from your TV like a pansy.

legonut - lol yupp

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do you get a fine for falsely calling 911 ?

Ydi for leaving your tv on and acting before you thunk

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haha your a Dee Dee Dee

in soviet Russia tv calls cops on YOU

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No, in Soviet Russia, TV comes home from long day of work.

only in USA..

hahaha that's funny

what a pussy. buy a gun.

bugmenotmofo 34

just like In home alone

what if looney tunes was on and he heard " shhh be vewwy quiet"

BehindTheSun 2

You wouldn't try to investigate a bit before calling the cops? YDI

Well, what if the TV had a gun and shot him!?

t.v announcer: in other news.. op: oh snap I'm being robbed!

LOL. Way to over react on that one. xD Next time wait 10 minutes and be able to hear your own TV.

Lol Fail. YDI for leaving the tv on and wasting electricity.

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haha ydi op for bein a dumbass

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YDI for wasting power by leaving your porn on the television before you left.

well.. nice goin ace

Hmmmm...Hope you're not turning into a schizophrenic. Next time don't be so paranoid :p.

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left out the part where u lit a fat one to relax that left u paranoid.....

Maybe you should stop being so ugly