By sheryl_m - United States
Today, I came home expecting a surprise party. It was my birthday and I had overheard my friends planning it all week. Nobody was there. It turns out the party they were planning was for my friend's dog's birthday. FML
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By  caitie_roxs13  |  0

i find this story hard to believe
i understand someone would throw a party for his/her dog.
but for the party to be thrown by a friend of the dog owner?
yeah i don't believe this.

By  SiLveRStaRLIGHT  |  0

There are people who actually care A LOT about their pets. Like... treating them as if they were people.
There are also people who tend to forget their friend's birthdays.

Putting them together makes for a very depressing birthday.

I hope you cheer up. Happy birthday!