By Anonymous - 06/09/2014 21:08 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I came home early to surprise my wife. No, it's not what you're thinking: I didn't find her cheating on me. She wasn't even home, but my dad was. He'd used his spare key and was on my sofa, drinking my beer and watching my TV. The first words out of his mouth? "Your beer's shit." FML
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at least she wasn't cheating

Good luck with that.


Good luck with that.

A man's measured by the type of beer he drinks.

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Should of told him "Then stop drinking it." Give him the attitude he deserves.

Doesn't matter if the beer is crap if you don't have any. His dad should at least have offered him one of his beers. FYL

I think you're confused. Re-read the post.

Not confused at all. The dad had no beer. Don't complain when you're swiping someone else's. When that someone else catches you, ie the OP, offer at least to get that person one of their own beers.

36 you seem lost and confused.

Lol. I guess so. I think it's time for me to leave this be and go reorient myself.

Maybe it's time for that talk...

Parents are wonderful sometimes.

at least she wasn't cheating

Dreamsorrow93 24

Time to change the locks.

At least he wasnt with your wife

Go home dad, you're drunk

dad's don't deserve crappy beer...

MissStephanie 10

Crappy dads don't deserve beer

Crappy beers for crappy dads. At least in this fml

Why was he there, and where was your wife?

Maybe she went to the grocery store to replace her husband's shitty beer?