By theboy6494 - 10/08/2009 20:47 - United States

Today, I came home early from business trip in Paris, I bought an engagement ring. I was going to take my girlfriend of 2 years out and propose to her. I sneak into my house as a surprise and she's having it off with another man. Now I have a ring that I can only return in France. FML
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keep it! save it for a girl who's worth it. :)


no that would only remind him of the last gf every time he saw the new one and the ring wouldnt have been bought with the new one in mind, only save a ring if its an heirloom

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That and it's insulting to the next girl. I know I wouldn't want a ring that was meant for some other woman. Agreed, only heirlooms are "savable". Try to sell it on Craigs List? :/

doesn't it suck that we even need a concept of saving rings for the women whom are like this and cheat or the men who cheat just as much if not more in statistics....this whole era of love that doesn't last is getting very glum

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I agree. Save it for someone special. Or: Sell it to a gold buyer. :P

I would say keep the ring until you find someone you want to marry and who deserves you and then go to a place that will let you trade that ring in for a different one...or so to say, use the old ring to (at least partially) pay for a new one. That's what my husband did...well, he didn't have a ring for another woman*lol* but his Mom gave him her wedding rings from her first marriage to trade them in for an engagement ring for me.

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I agree. And share the story too.

yeah. then use the cash to by a .44 special. and blast the guy full of 38 holes. woot!!!! lynyrd skynyrd ftw!!!

Diamonds have extreme markups. And you would be able to sell it back but for only a fraction of the original cost. Just keep it for next gorl

That's kind of the protocol for a proposal... to assume they'll say yes

and you deserve a slow, fiery death for being a f*cking moron.

He was trying to make a gesture to show how much he loved her, but she was cheating on him. Not his fault.

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Dore that's exactly what I was thinking. Keep it for the next girl, hopefully she will be loyal.. UGH I hate that shit! DON'T GET A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND UNLESS YOU'RE GOING TO BE LOYAL! ****.. I can't even get a girlfriend O-o.. And you cheat?? That's bullshit.

you misread, she cheats not him. he bought her a ring in a foreign country on the hopes she would accept him for who he is....unfortunately she was blinded by another mans **** in her mouth

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that's not what he meant, he wasn't directing the "and you cheat" part at OP. just cheaters in general.

keep it! save it for a girl who's worth it. :)

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She doesn't deserve you...and u deserve much better then it for another gf ....just make sure shesnot cheating on u .....

Do NOT save it for another girl. No one wants an engagement ring that was bought for another woman unless it's like you're great grandmothers. Either call the jeweler in France and see if they can help you out in any way or try to sell it here somehow and at least get back some money!

Yes, like the rest of the world. He doesn't even need to lie, all he needs to do is not tell the next girl that he bought it for his cheating ex.

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Well technically he did buy it in France for a special woman, it just so happens that at the time he had a different special woman in mind. But I see no reason to waste a perfectly good ring from France that he could always give to a better, more deserving girlfriend. Now I'm all for him telling the girl why he bought the ring, and there's always the chance that she'd prefer a different ring if he told her, so he'd just have to work that out.

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y shouldnt he use it for another girl?? its not like hes gonna tell her he got it for someone else be4....y should he sell it..that makes no sense. he could say he went all the way to france and got it...

Right. Because a lie is a GREAT way to start a marriage.

yeah, because ALL great relationships are based on huge lies...