By yosenfal - United Kingdom - Plymouth
  Today, I came home earlier than usual, only to find my wife having sex with some guy on our bed. Her reaction to being confronted was to look me dead in the eyes and to scream and scream until I got so freaked out that I left. It's her house, and I'm sitting in a library with no idea what to do. FML
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  RadikulRam  |  16

Don't you guys know how much a divorce costs, especially if the other side disagrees to it?
Regardless of whether anyone is cheating or not thanks to the, all so convenient made for the lawyers pocket, law called "No Fault Divorce Law".

  jab7769  |  8

Call the police adultery is still a crime it's not like she will go to jail but it is documented. While she is being served the ticket sit outside with a quality camera take pictures of her and the other guy screaming at the cops. The next morning take all the evidence and file for divorce and sue her for emotional stress pay for your lawyer fees on the divorce.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

231- I believe you're mistaken about "No Fault Divorce". It's an option for people trying to get a divorce, not a requirement. It doesn't require people to hire attorneys at all, saving them money. No fault divorce makes it easier for a partner to get the divorce pushed through even if the other party doesn't want to dissolve the marriage. If the UK has such a law it would be easier for OP to get a divorce, but leave him with less of the marital assets due to not proving his wife was cheating.

  PhilMcHawk  |  7

Awarded it in the divorce. If he had been cheating, you can bet your ass she would have gotten his shit. Works the same way for the other side of the coin, believe it or not.

It's just not as common because men aren't bitches...

  Drigr  |  9

17, it sounded like he was ready to confront it, but the wife just kept screaming. My only question, was she just screaming, or was she moaning.

  Mitcha857  |  0

Yes it is terrible but OP is too! Think about it. He finds his wife sleeping with another man, and instead of confronting her or the other guy he runs to a LIBRARY?! OP lay down the law and find your balls! Or did you forget where those were?

  IndieCowboy  |  15

Yep, so many OPs these days sound like timid ball-less bitchs, gee what's happening to our species when we can't confront anything except through a lawyer...

  partout_fml  |  6

I think that it's really hard to react when being under shock, impartial from the ball-size. We all know the feeling, when we would like to change our words / reaction in the aftermath. But I'm afraid that this is not his biggest problem, for now. Feeling so sorry :(

  Boomshadow  |  3

No, he was right. The verb "was" is showing the action of the adverbial phrase "one of you (sic) first thoughts." Since "One was to post it on FML" is a valid sentence with subject-verb agreement, "One of you[r] first thoughts was to post it on FML" is a valid sentence with subject-verb agreement.

Don't correct grammar unless you know it.

*Drops the mic*

By  deviable  |  9

Wow... I'd say you're fucked but... Well...

Sorry bud. You should probably face your demon and go back to confront her. Maybe try screaming back and see if that works?

By  starman02  |  12

Well.. I can tell you what to do.. Go back to the house and put her in her place! That's awful! And maybe while you are at it.. You should make sure you put the guy in his place.. Like the hospital sounds like a good place.

  starman02  |  12

It would.. Don't ya think? Get all the pent up anger out? OH! .. I'm sorry.. For a second there I was thinking I was replying to someone who has been cheated on by someone who they loved dearly.
.. My mistake.. :)

  MedKits  |  9

Does it matter? Whether 22 has been cheated on before or not doesn't change the fact that an assault and battery charge will make OP's day worse.


Most of you probably don't realize that he could have killed both of them and gotten away with it if he hadn't left it is an act of passion and the law states that any one who influences another in such away as to take another's life they are responsible.


112: You are not a lawyer. Please do not give legal advice again, as someone is likely to end up in jail because of you.

In an act of passion murder, you are still guilty and responsible, but the penalties are less harsh than any other form.

  ScotsLassie  |  6

We don't know that the guy knew she was married. It's not his fault but hers. And if they r married why is he saying it is her house, even if she bought it before they got together it still makes it his house.

  murdersquirrel  |  15

He should've left and immediately called the cops from another location. She was being irrational and insane. At the very least, a police presence would've calmed her the fuck down, straightened out the living arrangement and cleared him of any suspicion. That kind of situation can escalate to a life altering degree.

  brokenhelix  |  4

Usually wives don't have affairs with men who are weak like their husbands. They're filling a need/void (most of the time) and I've heard story after story of the husband getting beat up when he tries to confront the dude the wife is sleeping with.

FYL OP. Sounds like a totally crappy situation

  marcranger  |  28

He's saying it's her house because her name is likely the only one on the title. In which case, if she bought it before the marriage, it is NOT considered marital property. OP needs to find a new residence.