By TheAnnoyedNeighbor / Monday 3 October 2011 06:08 / United States
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  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Claymore mines have a tripwire system (laser or wire[wikipedia]) that activates the detonator. Only plastic explosives (C-4, semtex) need a remote detonator (timed, or manual,). The more you know...

  LordGoober  |  13

34, they have a wire that you run to an anchor point and when something disrupts the wire it pulls a pin causing the primary explosion to ignite the secondary explosion causing roughly 700 ball bearings to fly out at the target.

  babyschmoo  |  13

There's a guy who put up a sign about his neighbor taking pics and video of his wife and daughter and him being a perv. it's funny because it's true and the neighbor has taken roughly 30 signs down in the past four months

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