By Anonymous - 03/12/2010 03:22 - United States

Today, I called up Verizon Wireless to "complain" about my phone service. I really had nothing to complain about, I was just that lonely that I wanted someone to talk to. FML
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You feel it's OK to annoy people for no good reason, and wonder why you're alone?

fail. it's called facebook and chatrooms.


fail. it's called facebook and chatrooms.

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Thats why you go with AT&T.

Yes, drown away your sorrows in internet-based social interactions. You don't need the real world anymore.

Aww wow. Well then. Yeah. I'll talk to you?

28, I don't recommend you doing that. She's lonely for a reason.

--Mama Soft hearted people, tends end up getting hurt. Because predators, preys on the weak. Said by the general by the psychologist. My point being, watch your back.

forever alone.

damn op get a life.

Ahh but facebook and chatrooms don't offer the chance of getting a discount do they? :P

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Facebook doesn't need a discount because it is free..

lol, that's true though...having amc friends is VERY handy. :)

Nah, play multiplayer games. You can make heaps of friends there, counter strike, team fortress 2, left 4 dead. <-- games I play XD

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join your local volunteer groups. help them help the needy. find them in newspaper ads. or the famous one's websites. or join world of Warcraft

38-Someone has to lol 43-oooo so I'm softhearted? loll well I doo like soft things. ps some of those things shouldn't be plural. but I shudnt be talkin. well I would watch my back but it's physically impossible. will someone watch it for me...

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haha funniest comment ever^^^ xD (that I've read in this convo so far, bc it's true)

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move to australia and sign up with telstra. then you'll have something to complain about.

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join your local volunteer groups. help them help the needy. find them in newspaper ads. or the famous one's websites. or join world of Warcraft

or just find some friends creeper

JocelynKaulitz 28


wow maybe you should get some friends. 1st!!!

That's lame. Go talk to your neighbors or something...

CaptSkippy 9

would if she lives in a box and only owns an itouch and a charger and goes to Starbucks to use it?!?! o.0

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that's ok. not long ago I broke up with my bf - about a wk later I realized he was literally the only one who ever called me before that. I cut off not only my sex life but my whole social life too!! things have improved. yours will too. ;)

your gorgeous how can you have no one to talk to?

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it's a good thing verizon has good customer service. There always there when u need them:)

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It's true! and I get calls like that from time to time. I can tell because the person is more interested in talking than fixing the issue

why didn't you pick a cellphone company that actually is worth complaining about, like AT&T

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Well, where I'm at, I can complain more about Verizon's service than I can about AT&T's. I live in rural Kentucky. The one bar of service I get with AT&T is better than the nothing that I get from Verizon. *Shrugs shoulders* Matter of opinion, I guess.

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thanks #10 i laughed so hard at your picture that i woke my roommate

Yeah 35 I live in rural Kentucky too... I have no service with Verizon but when I get out of there I have more service then any other carrier!

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Fackbook? Myspace? Massive online games? (WoW, etc.) Parents? Family? Or if you're in desperate state, why not read some book, about socializing in real life?

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Aw :( I would chat with you OP. Unless you turned out be a pedo... in any case, you should try chatroulette, you might meet some lovely people.

I like your style. Bringing up pedophilia at inane moments.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

Ha. Just a note, I would probably still chat with them even if they were a pedophile. Just to be nice.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

Oh. And I like your wolf btw.

OP is a women, Chatrouelette is not a good call. Chat away, but seriously I can't help but wonder why pedophilia was brought into this.

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I had no clue OP is a woman haha I'm on my itouch. Well this changes things a bit. How about, facebook or eharmony and I would still chat with her.

Insanity Wolf Image macro. Haven't posted enough insanity though. Eharmony? That is an odd choice. Now how to get OP to read this.

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There's always more to be posted. Well no one uses Myspace anymore... sights beside the latter are all dating sights.. what OP needs is a friend. Hmm..

Go be that friend, and make merry conversations about little kids.

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Haha impossible. But I would if I could, OP will find her way.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

Why little kids?

Pedophilia was a reoccurring theme I had to tie in somehow.

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Ha gotcha.

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I love this conversation. it was pretty awesome.