By vicious circle - Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
Today, I called the HR department of a big company, inquiring about a vacancy for a website designer. Boy, do they need one; there are dead links, malware warnings, and a layout from the '90s, but no info at all about recruitment. The lady just angrily referred me to the website and hung up. FML
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By  nonsensical  |  26

Is there anyone else you could possibly speak to? Someone perhaps more reasonable?

  tounces7  |  27

I'm trying to understand why this was downvoted.

Also, just showing them a mock website on a private laptop doesn't let them steal it so easily, if their current web designer sucks.

  Coedster  |  8

Honestly, they probably don't completely suck, they are just too lazy to do well, but given the prime opportunity to steal OP's website design, they would

  Vanderdale  |  14

Because it's spec work. Imagine going to a restaurant and saying 'well, I don't know if your food is any good or not, so I want the entree for free'. In almost no other field are you expected to do unpaid work like this just for the chance of getting the job later.

By  nonsensical  |  26

Is there anyone else you could possibly speak to? Someone perhaps more reasonable?

By  everythingelena  |  28

maybe they're aware of they're bad web layout but are in the process of fixing it?

but sorry that happened OP
the least the lady could have done was taken note of your comment and thanked you.

By  katluvr  |  22

I'm sorry OP, there's no excuse for rudeness. While taught might be a position for which you are excellently suited, do you want to become part of that company's culture? I think you dodged a bullet.

By  core01  |  30

The truth is the secretary is in charge of the website. Theg don't pay her any more than her secretary salary of $8/hr. She was given one outdated book on html and told to make it work like facebook with IM and ability for clients to post status updates. She works on it in the evenings after her regular 8 to 5 shift ends, and they refuse to pay her overtime for it.
Oh, wait... that was my experience. Maybe they already have someone doing it.