By SCdriver - 16/07/2012 06:04 - United States - Lexington

Today, I called the cops to let them know that a drunk man was driving dangerously down my road. About an hour later, I was going to the store and got pulled over for speeding by the cop I called. FML
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Wow... Also: FIRST!

Shouldn't have been speeding..

OP couldn't help it. He was subconsciously compelled to speed by his sense of duty to provide the great irony our universe feeds on; what a great man.

RayRod 6

Just doing his job

It's 30 for a reason.

First. Bad boyfriend. Bad. I would've just left and told him its never going to happen.

I know. I look so stupid. I meant for this comment to be on the next FML story, and for that, I apologize. No troll zone.

5 - Wtf are you talking about?

The only logical explanation for 5s comment is that the mods must have changed it.

Gotta say that whenever I phone the cops, I usually get a dispatcher. Does the OP have the extension for this guy's squad car and did he call him directly?

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It's your fault. You should know better.

It looks like a video card, that little blue thing is where you hook up the moniter

It is an upside down video card with VGA, DVI, and s-video out.

I hope you get into a crash with a drunk driver. See if you whine about "snitching" then.

So reporting someone driving drunk is considered "snitching"? It's ok if he injures himself and drivers around him, as long as it doesn't affect you, right? Grow up.

Oops, sorry replied to wrong comment there.

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Major hypocrisy

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Driving drunk is way different than speeding. They could have been going 55 in a 50...that's not nearly as dangerous as driving intoxicated.

Snitches get tickets.

Snitches get stitches fo bein' bitches.

You should not have been speeding but at least you called it in. Who knows, they may have caught him/her and that could have saved a life. So I will say both FYL and YDI.

You never know. Maybe had OP not called in, with his speeding, he may have gotten into a fatal accident with that same drunk driver. I think most people speed a few times in their life. He did deserve to be pulled over if he was going fast enough to get a police officer's attention, but it's still good that he took the initiative to call that in.

Sometimes the cops can pull you over even when your barely speeding. I got pulled over for doing 115 in a 110. And people were clearly passing me going faster. So sometimes the cops can pull you over when your barely speeding. But it's good OP called in the drunk driver. That's not even remotely safe or good. There's no excuse to drink and drive. It's just the stupidest thing one can do. It puts everyone's who's around that person in danger.

I'm in BC. There are a few highways with 110 limits. I've also driven through the prairies and they mostly have 110 limits.

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I can't really see an FYL in this to be honest...I admire you trying together a drunk driver off the street it probably was poor planning speeding in the same area in the same night. Learn from your mistake and plan better next time I guess.

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To get*

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Slow down next time?

YDI for speeding.

How do you know it was the cop you called? If he arrested the drunk driver it would not be him. YDI for speeding.