By frustrated - 17/05/2014 10:11 - United States - Forest Park

Today, I called the cops on a couple who was fighting outside my window at 4am. They hid in the bushes when the cops came, came back out when they left, and started fighting again. FML
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Throw cold water on them - if they're going to act like alley cats treat them like alley cats.

Whats wrong with you? Nobody talks about fight club


Whats wrong with you? Nobody talks about fight club

Rule #3 of fight club, if someone says stop or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.

Fun theory: As you know the first 2 rules of Fight Club are "don't take about fight club", but since everyone talks about fight club the first 2 rules are set in place to let members know that their going to be breaking the rules.

Actually, in the movie, they don't talk about Fight Club. They just silently acknowledge each other.

If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself...

OP should just call again, and if they did it again, beat the shit out of them with an electric laser taser.

That sucks that you have horrible neighbors bro

Looks like they been called on before

Throw cold water on them - if they're going to act like alley cats treat them like alley cats.

Then they just beat up the OP instead

We'll they are pretty smart to hide in the bushes.

They're smart enough to hide in the bushes, but couldn't just go inside to finish their fight? Or better yet work things out while hiding?

Ya, I think it's kind of funny they could stop their fight long enough to hide from the cops and then just continue on after they left.

next time call Ghostbuster haha

...for a domestic dispute between two idiots?

ghosts. makes sense. yeah...

Just buy yourself a taser, you will be stunning !

The neighbors would definitely be shocked!

People are so inconsiderate these days. You should have called the cops again and told them that they were in the bushes.

"Hey look, officer! They're in the bushes!" Is that so difficult?

that's not a good reason to arrest people. OP has no proof they were fighting and hiding in a bush isn't illigal.

OP probably just called the cops but wanted to remain anonymous. If the couple are fighting each other I'm sure they'd lash out at the OP for getting into their "business". Didn't you watch the movie "Neighbors"?

Oh god, that movie was almost as funny as The Heat!

Cop Appreciation Week everyone :3 Nah, but you should of told the cops they were hiding in the bushes

of. have. same thing...

well damn that just sucks how rude next time just throw ice water on them and tell them to get a room