By hatetheroommate - United States
Today, I called the campus police "anonymously" while my roommate was away and told them about her weed stash because I was tired of her smoking in our room all the time. She had brought her weed to a friend's and got off scot-free. I have a hearing Monday for the adderall they found in my desk. FML
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  Jg2020  |  0

weed is horrible for you. it has more chemicals and toxins in it than a normal cigarette. if you think it's not bad for you keep smoking it and kill all your brain cells.

  nygunns1  |  0

I'm sorry but get ur damn facts straight. weed in no way is bad for u if anything it's good for u, it don't kill brain cells it only temparaily paralyzes them, it can make u smarter, it's not addictive. weed ain't bad at all it is all natural I believe it should be legal. and it don't make u "crazy high" when u smoke like all non smokers think, after u smoke for a lil it starts to calm u down and relives pain

  mufi1996  |  0

lmao weed is bad for u??
first weed doesnt even have nicotine unlike ciggs
and if thts not enough .. here:
in U.S. there is over 10,000 deaths a year from cigertes .. guess how many are from marijuana?? zero. yeah point prooved

  babylioncub  |  0

That is not all factual. It completely depends on your body chemistry if you will become addicted or not- Thats how it is with all drugs. Yes its LESS likely to be addictive but there is still a chance. Show me the research study that PROVES weed makes your brain smarter! Show me the proof that says the cerebrum shows more activity, faster activity, or the like.

By  olephant  |  0


you're trying to get her arrested for something small like weed when you probably stole your drugs off of a hyperactive kindergartner? good job.

  crackz12  |  10

545 youre an idiot thats exactly why it would be from a hyperactive kid. Its only legal if its prescribed and if op had a script i doubt he would have to go to court for it.

  Gruv3r14  |  1

Adderall is for ADHD and ADD. It's not being hypocritical. There's a difference between prescription, and illegal. I do not agree with marijuana being illegal, just didn't want to come across being an ignorant conservative.