By hatetheroommate - 16/04/2009 18:43 - United States

Today, I called the campus police "anonymously" while my roommate was away and told them about her weed stash because I was tired of her smoking in our room all the time. She had brought her weed to a friend's and got off scot-free. I have a hearing Monday for the adderall they found in my desk. FML
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That is what you get for being a hypocrite, jackass.

So rather than telling her you're sick of her smoking in your room, you rat her out? YDI


WOW!!! That sucks for you!! :p

Does it? That's what you get for snetching out, rat! If you don't like her choices move out or ask her to move out.

Yea sucks for u op but karma is a bitch!!! In the end tho never snitch it always puts u in a more fucked up situation. STOP SNITCHING!!!!!!

That is what you get for being a hypocrite, jackass.

Have you ever thought that he might have ADD or ADHD? idiot...

or it was planted

556- your a dumbass! A sensitive dumbass. If she had ADHD. the pills would have been prescribed to her and she wouldnt have a hearing.

Haha, maybe you shouldn't have snitched.

What #2 said. Weed isn't even that bad.

weed is horrible for you. it has more chemicals and toxins in it than a normal cigarette. if you think it's not bad for you keep smoking it and kill all your brain cells.

Rofl #521 you're a complete retard. there's no arsenic in weed, there's no nicotine in weed, should I continue or can you're tiny brain process that information?

your* tiny brain. Oh the irony.

I'm sorry but get ur damn facts straight. weed in no way is bad for u if anything it's good for u, it don't kill brain cells it only temparaily paralyzes them, it can make u smarter, it's not addictive. weed ain't bad at all it is all natural I believe it should be legal. and it don't make u "crazy high" when u smoke like all non smokers think, after u smoke for a lil it starts to calm u down and relives pain

all natural. that still kills your lungs

lmao weed is bad for u?? first weed doesnt even have nicotine unlike ciggs and if thts not enough .. here: in U.S. there is over 10,000 deaths a year from cigertes .. guess how many are from marijuana?? zero. yeah point prooved

Perhaps it doesn't have the SAME harsh chemicals, but its proven to have 30x the carcinogens of regular cigarettes.

That is not all factual. It completely depends on your body chemistry if you will become addicted or not- Thats how it is with all drugs. Yes its LESS likely to be addictive but there is still a chance. Show me the research study that PROVES weed makes your brain smarter! Show me the proof that says the cerebrum shows more activity, faster activity, or the like.

your an idiot. I did a research project on the effects of marijuana. it's bad. it gets you high, prevents eyesight, reAction time, fitness.... anything else?

So many ignorant fools in here...

niether crack nor heroine have nicotine in them... does that make them good for you??

yeah that's why people smoke it you moron, doesn't sound like you finished your research

well I don't want some stoner idiot in my room either

well I don't want some stoner idiot in my room either

Lol i hit you deserve it after the first line fucking dumb hypocritical snitch

Nobody likes a snitch!

snitches get stitches

YDI for being such a tattletale.

YDI for thinking weeds bad

So rather than telling her you're sick of her smoking in your room, you rat her out? YDI

Snitches and talkers get stitches and need walkers.

STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID YDI you're trying to get her arrested for something small like weed when you probably stole your drugs off of a hyperactive kindergartner? good job.

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adderal is also for adHd dumbass

#545, you're a dumbass.

545 youre an idiot thats exactly why it would be from a hyperactive kid. Its only legal if its prescribed and if op had a script i doubt he would have to go to court for it.

Yeah you definitely deserve that... hypocrite.

Adderall is for ADHD and ADD. It's not being hypocritical. There's a difference between prescription, and illegal. I do not agree with marijuana being illegal, just didn't want to come across being an ignorant conservative.