By Anonymous - 11/05/2009 06:21 - United States

Today, I called my mom while she was out of town and confessed how I have been depressed lately and thinking suicidal thoughts. After my long sob story, she took a breath and said, "OK, just make sure you don't forget to take the dogs out." FML
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This whole argument is pointless. I doubt any of you know OP personally, in which case you don't know OP's feelings. It could be a cry for help as easily as a cry for attention. OP, if you really are depressed, please get help. Hang out with your friends, get exercise, play with tour dogs. All of these could help you feel better!

Well just because the FMLs are slightly similar doesn't make this one untrue.


Your mother's a bitch.

We should push your mom off a cliff :D

F your life indeed.

your name is an epic win

WHY do parents do this... I had a similar situation when I was 16. Sure, I was 16 so it's to be expected that I was hormonal and dramatic, but it didn't make the feelings any less valid at the time. I had been holding it in for the longest time and finally told her about it, and she laughed at me. It was awful. FYL for sure :( but it will be okay.

It's sort of understandable though... With all the stupid shit teenagers blow out of proportion these days, I don't blame OP's mom. Unless something very serious had happened to cause this distress, I would most likely tell my daughter (if I had one) to simply toughen up and not let life get her down. The children that commit suicide for the stupidest reasons (bullying?) might not have if they were raised to turn the other cheek to a lot of temporary things and not be so melodramatic. Suicide rates are going up only because we are now teaching our children that just because something isn't fair or right, that it will change. Children need to learn that life sucks and shit will NEVER be fair, but they need to keep pushing on matter what. We can not possibly hope to rid the world of evil, but we CAN raise children who stand against this evil with their heads held high.

I know how that is. Similar scenario and my mom just said "Ugh now we're going to have to talk." lol.

Was her response an attempt to put your disposition into perspective, or something completely different?

if you'd actually committed suicide, i'm sure she would have said things like "why couldn't (s)he have just come to me?" wtf mom.

My mom is exactly the same way! Haha. Fuck her, find a friend you can talk to. Just avoid your mom, she's not worth your time. :l

seen this like 5 times already bro. if it's true i'm sorry about what's going on ... but if not at least get creative.

Try these. However, if they tell you to take the dogs out, I am out of suggestions... or 1-800-suicide

I'd suggest what 11 said. Parents don't always understand.