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Today, I called my mom to see how she was doing. She quickly hijacked the conversation and said that she's signed me up for a dating site, because she feels bad that I can't find a decent man. I've been dating my boyfriend for seven months, and she's seen me with him multiple times. FML
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  AnyaS  |  19

20, "like me"
Guess you don't.

  DocBastard  |  38

Greenie - In that situation, "like me" is preferable. "Myself" really should only be used in a sentence like "I can do it myself." People tend to use "me" and "myself" interchangeably because they think "myself" sounds more intelligent.

Forlorn420 - Of course A_TEEN was kidding. It should have been "more betterer".

  coldashell  |  23

I do not understand people's dislike of grammar nazis. If it were not for us there would be very few people who knew how to write English. I think the educated of English has peaked and now we are reverting back to the age when the masses couldn't read.

  Bekll  |  30

*scratches head* Who's right? Greenie or Doc? Now I don't know which is right! :o I think people say 'myself' more often, but grammatically 'me' is right?

  dcg1375  |  7

Then again there are the times that the grammar nazis take away the fun of watching the idiots. Sometimes grammar nazis are like trolls. Rather than continue the conversation they move it to...grammar.

  FranzFerdinand  |  18

83: That's a bit of an exaggeration… the fact that we're all enjoying FML, for example, proves that we can all read regardless of how well we can write. I also think that just as many people can use grammar properly now then before this "peak" you speak of, but now that we have the Internet people are going to be pompous assholes about it since it's an easy way to say, "You're wrong and I'm right. I'm smart and you're dumb. Ha. I wish everyone was as educated as me."
Some people learn English as a second language and are a bit shaky with grammatical rules. Even if you speak English, schooling is still necessary to understand the finer points of the language. I know I'm not great with grammar- you can probably tell from reading this comment- but you pointing that out to me (or anyone for that matter) is kind of useless. No one will listen to you other than grammar nazis who will turn the thread into, "Baaaw, illiterates suck and we are the only smart people left." I don't hate grammar nazis or anything, but sometimes they should get off their goddamn high horses.

/longass rant

  jonriise18  |  3

114 - Apparently you are one of the many that the "pompous assholes" have been targeting. Learn the difference between then and than!!! (One of THE WORST problems with a lot of people's writing, and it's pretty simple.)

  Mideoyeo  |  12

Parents always have different opinions because they want to "protect" their babies from harm. So don't worry about it too much! Unless he truly is sort of wonky.

  lorenzoman77  |  7

Yea, I don't know where I was going with that one, maybe the pressure of getting third, but I reread my comment and saw the first couple parts were rude so I tried to edit it out and it didn't let me. :/

  Shrike  |  22

First with the Twilight comment, now this tortured connection? Jeez, you must be really, really desperate for attention and/or approval from FML commenters.


I'm really tired of people hating on Justin Bieber. I dont like him a lot, but i dont see why everyone feels the need to be so mean to him. He doesn't even look like a girl. And he has some actual singing and dancing talent. Im not saying he's amazing but he certainly doesn't deserve all the hate he gets.


Normally I don't jump in on Justin Bieber debates but I do have to agree with 23. The only reason people hate on Bieber is because they have nothing better to do. The kid has a talent and became rich before he hit 16. How many people on here can say the same thing? I can bet almost none. Leave the kid alone. Quite frankly I don't like his music but that is no reason for me to talk shit about him. I like country music, but I don't trash every other singer in the world because they have a different melody then I prefer. Seriously grow up guys.

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

23- Exactly. Well said.

Squeaky, I assume you said he isn't a decent boyfriend as a joke but I'm sure a lot of people would actually state that without actually knowing for sure.

  julesrules2  |  2

As much as I love JB i still think the jokes r kinda funny.. I hate it when people get all deffensive and are all in love with him And I hate when people r hatin on him! He's just a teen boy... And really guys? The kid was just tryna be funny, chillax

  MissMae93  |  23

Why is everyone jumping on Squeaky? I found the comment amusing. If you don't like it or found the comment offensive, thumb it down. Don't bother attacking Squeaky personally for voicing their opinion, after all, this is the internet and everyone has freedom of speech.

  dominic1221  |  6

Yeah, everyone does have freedom of speech, kind of and within reason. That also includes the freedom to publicly disagree with people, so uh... who are you to try to shut down their freedom of speech?

  mango260  |  9

Personally, I think Sqeaks is an instagator... But he is 13 so it's understandable teens at that age usually hate the world, BUT I do have to agree with him about voicing your opinions. On this site to voice your opinion is a no go, if you don't conform with the majority it's like the Mob is after you! You get a bunch of insults slapped around towards you just by stating how you feel about the fml. And the mods will delete your comment...too, for not conforming! So free speech is limited especially if you disagree with the vast majority! Seriously!

  MissMae93  |  23

88 - You make it seem like a crime for attempting to create peace within the thread. Yes, admittedly I did suggest not attacking Squeaky personally, but never once did I say anything along the lines of shutting anyone down for their opinions.

By  egc573  |  40

Well, subtlety clearly isn't her strong suit. But if you like your boyfriend well enough, you'd better tell your mom to get used to it. It sucks that she isn't enthusiastic about it, but it's your life. Do what you want.

By  betweenwinds  |  18

Though it's extremely insensitive of her not to respect your decisions, perhaps this is a hint that mommy doesn't approve of your current boyfriend. Think about it for a few minutes and you might see something you didn't before, if you decide she's wrong, then there you go.

All the same, shame on her for not being more tactful about it.

  SammyS2012  |  21

But wouldn't she then being trying to find flaws in her boyfriend? That would only lead to problems because then she will find faults in him that she created unintentionally!!!

Sorry I'm tired :/ i don't know why I put multiple exclamation marks.