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Today, I called my mobile phone provider to end my contract. A sales rep spent over half an hour trying to convince me to reconsider, and I kept refusing. I ended up breaking down and accepting a "more economical" contract, which I didn't notice costs almost twice as much as the last one. FML
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  Keevarou  |  16

40, and the cancelation fee, we have those things here in Norway sometimes, if you sign up for 1 year subscription and you cancel, you pay the whole year that month you cancel.
And thinking that it's normal that 1 year subscription can cost 100-160 dollars a month.


theres usually a "buyers remorse" you can return/cancel any plan within a week or month, depending on who you are dealing with, simply because you were pressured or now regret it.
at least in the US and Canada :)


It's only funny when you don't make a reference to your own reference. That, and you made the assumption that you're interesting enough to deserve your About Me read. That just comes off as conceited.

Video game humor fail.

  skitzofunia88  |  8

If this comment sounded to much like the other word and offensive, will the moderators please just erase it instead of banning me. I'm not racist and don't want to get banned for a racist comment. I thought it was relevant and funny.