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Today, I called my husband, who is currently stationed in Japan, to see how he was doing. According to his girlfriend, he's doing fine. FML
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Oh wow I'm so sorry. Usually it's the other way around. Either way, it still sucks :(

Oh all the evil things you could do... I'd start with calling his command and informing them of his extra marital affairs, as you see the military seriously frowns upon that shit. Then, once the douchebag gets into deep shit, you can serve him with divorce papers. But remember, if you have the attorneys on the base closest to you representing you first, he has to find the expensive non-military ones. Fuck him, you can do better. And don't buy that crap about military men having a different girl in every country. Real men don't do that shit.


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Report it to his commanding officer so he get an article 15. Sure, it won't really change much, but it might feel good to watch him lose his rank, get his pay docked, and be on lockdown for a few weeks. Then do your best to move on and find someone so much better.

She has to prove it first there not going to just take her word for it.

you should be happy that's he's doing fine. as a wife, you should be supportive. what is the problem? why is this an FML? :-(

Actually, it's not that hard to prove at all. There needn't be pictures or even hard evidence. If his behavior is suspicious enough, such as having the girl at his place at night, or taking her out on dates, that's often evidence enough. You haven't the same freedoms in the military that you do in the civilian world; one must be above reproach when it comes to extramarital affairs. If the command thinks certain behavior is suspicious enough, or if some people are willing to give statements that they've seen the two together in compromising situations, it is at the commanders discretion. If the wronged spouse pushes the matter, often the commander is willing to make an example out of the cheating service member.

Yeah 29 real mature, fuck with a guy's career. The fact you can be charged for adultery is bull shit, it's not illegal, it's your private life. OP, take the high road here, following the advice of 29 is no better than what he did, being sneaky and underhanded behind someone's back. Seriously, why does that exist? Every other part of military law, well just about, makes sense but NJPing someone because they were unfaithful? Come on... Sorry soldier/sailor/marine/airman your career stops here because you cheated on your wife... Sorry for the rant. OP that really sucks, especially if you were completely faithful. I'm not saying it's the cause, but why wouldn't you move if it was a posting? I doubt it would have stopped him but I was just curious.

hey guys, what does it mean when your comment is moderated? thanks in advanced :) xx

And I'm sorry, that is further bull shit, no hard evidence but still able to be punished? Seems completely fair and not at all something open to the abuse of jealous spouses.

then why cheat in the first place, dude? ^^ if you are in the military, you are AWARE of the consequences and what could happen, so why even risk it? plus, i know cheating is your personal life and stuff but..why would you commit to somebody if you're not going to be faithful? i don't mean any disrespect and I respect your opinion, but this is just my view point on the subject :-)

74 if you can't trust someone to be loyal to someone they say they are in love with then how can you trust them with your life. Plus you get extra money for cheating???? No that's dumb he should be reported

Idk, your putting your spouse through alot in the first time by join the service. I see both sides, and agree with both sides. After i enlisted, i was made fully aware that i represent the United States Military and dont have the same rights (or laws that apply) to civilians. Cheating just makes military members look unprofessional

Marriage is more important than a career. Cheating should have even harsher consequences. Reporting a spouse for cheating isn't "sneaky' either. If it were my husband that cheated, I'd tell him that I was gonna report him. In fact, it would be the spouse who cheated that was being "sneaky." Cheating all on its own is a sneaky act of betrayal. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it part of the military experience to learn loyalty? If you can't even be loyal to your wife by staying faithful, then why should people think you're going to be loyal to this country and die for it while you're in the military. So cheating goes a lot deeper than just, "personal life."

74- actually most states have some way of handling adultery. In Michigan it could land you 25 to life and it is on the books. Remember it is the small law/regulations that turn around and bite you in the ars.

110 Semper Fidelis Always Faithful

Ive been thinking about this more, and i agree with a punishment. He is representing your country. He should not be going to Japan looking for a girlfriend on the side. That's almost unthinkable. Seriously, report him. Not only will he be in a world of shit, but that will make him realize how serious his actions really were. Im sorry for anyone going through something like this, let alone somebody who's waiting patiently for their husband to come home just to find out they are doing something like this.

74 you contradicted yourself when you put "being sneaky and Underhanded behind someone's back. Seriously why does it exsist?" Cheating is exactly that! Being sneaky and underhanded, anyone caught cheating should be punished. Especially someone representing our country. Logic.

We had a nice thread going..

Take your bitter self back to the pity pool you crawled out of.

74 if you can't trust someone to be loyal to someone they say they are in love with then how can you trust them with your life. Plus you get extra money for cheating???? No that's dumb he should be reported

1- dude wtf is wrong with you?!?!

He is joking, people can't take a joke anymore, not everything is serious!

I understand pointless sarcasm every now and again but that was a little far

I thought that was funny. I don't even see why they got so many thumbs down.

74 if you can't trust someone to be loyal to someone they say they are in love with then how can you trust them with your life. Plus you get extra money for cheating???? No that's dumb he should be reported

Oh wow I'm so sorry. Usually it's the other way around. Either way, it still sucks :(

Wow I don't understand how come people thumb this down. I mean he is right a lot of military wife/woman go and have affairs while husband/man is away on tour of duty. That's why a lot of soldiers go on medical leave cause the stress of when they find out on top of post traumatic war syndrome. No disrespect intended but really and he even apologiZed to op.

Being single is better than being cheated on. You deserve better.

Post traumatic war syndrome? Um, sorry, 72, that's not a real thing...

Yea I wanna see your bitch ass go to war and see your best friends decapitated being on edge 24/7 stfu you know nothing

Wait, who's getting decapitated? And you're 17, what the hell do you know about war either?

#163 You should not doubt anybodys intelligence just because they are young.

I'm not doubting their intelligence; I'm just as young. But it seems that he's speaking out of his own experience, which he can't yet have.

Okay, i was just saying.

"Lost In Translation" from the other point of view? (Brownie points to those of you that have seen it.)

I believe the term you're looking for is post traumatic stress disorder, Aka PTSD.

^False you said post traumatic stress SYNDROME

171- Can I have my brownie points now?

Relax. It says finding out about it 'on top of PTSD', not that the cheating causes PTSD.

I like how no one used the correct term until 183 haha and I don't see why the guy who said that it isn't post traumatic war syndrome got buried. He was right, after all.

It's called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was close enough. Don't be a douche.

#238 awee thanks (:

It's prob just some Geisha not a gf. No worries he's just experiencing Japan to the fullest

So ur saying usually his boyfriend says he's doing fine?

Better off alone then to be cheated on, your do fine karma is a bitch !! And I'm sorry that most be terrible though.

He's in freakin Japan who we're not at war with idiot.

OP is relieved.

You sir are a dumb ass

Can everyone stop trying sarcasm on the internet? Unless you are good at it and can make a joke that everyone can clearly tell is sarcasm, don't even try

Well you got your answer (; glad hes doing well!

There's optimistic, then there's ignorant...

There's society, then there's blondes...

There are funny comments, then there are overused stereotypes (not defending 5, just tired of blonde jokes)

Ur comment made me want to smack u through my phone

I support bigotry in all its forms. Making fun of people for being blonde is just a comedic way to make people feel bad for being different and bad.

Can't tell if #5 is really caring or just a bitch....

I think it was sarcasm, correct me if I'm wrong.

Are you stupid?

I thought it was funny :))

Wow you are a stupid ass hoe

Even if it WAS sarcasm that's really bitchy to say!!!

Thats really horrible, but at least he is okay...

Seriously? I could care less if he was ok. As soon as he came home he wouldn't be ok anymore..

Him being okay isn't a good thing. Cheaters should be nutured.

35 I hope you didn't mean nurtured lol hope you meant neutered

He wont be ok for much longer, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or some shit like that

111- I was about to backhand you into another demotion, then I read your username. All is clear.

Im so confused...

Oh well, if he your husband you should have went with him. Family has the option to go

It wouldn't have changed the fact that he's unfaithful. It's better that she didn't uproot her life to go with him just to find this out.

uh, if youre going to be rude atleast know what youre talking about. some tours overseas are unaccompanied, and sometimes you have to be high ranking to get the command sponsor.

Wow you are crazy. If it wouldn't have been now it would have been later. If he had it in his mind to cheat he would have found a way.

Go to sleep.

A) "should have gone" B) You're an idiot. C) See B.

Uhm my husband's stationed in Japan with unaccompanied orders. Don't talk without knowing

Yes, i agree with you. And you are correct!

You know usually I wouldn't go against Doc Bastard but as a sailor currently overseas in Japan. My orders are unaccompanied my wife was not allowed to come with me, with that said educate yourself before speaking. Furthermore, she is not an idiot for getting cheated on it happens all the time out here. I don't approve of it but it happens.

Wow, all of you are lame. You are right though she probably would got cheated anyway. And oh btw, different branch authorize sponsor. Since she didn't say which one it's safe to say she could've went. Dumbass

TSN619 - docbastard wasn't referring to OP being an idiot. He was responding to someone's comment about OP being at fault for not moving to Japan with her husband.

At least you got acquainted with his girlfriend. When he starts cheating on her too you guys can be friends!

No way, she love him long time

18- I'm currently very frustrated that I can't thumb your comment up more than once. Just thought you should know. Too funny.

I'll do it for you and me :D

85- I know the feeling, it won't let me do that to yours either

call with his lab results. you know, the positive herpes test. and leave the message with her. ;-P

The herpes ain't nuttin' but a thang

You should sell the house and rack up the credit cards and move some where warm.

Haha I think this is my friends mom xD

I think the appropriate face for this comment is more of a D: than a XD. I hope your friend's mom isn't dealing with this! That's devastating!

But people getting their hearts ripped out it so funny. lol xD

Yeah, if you're a dick.^

Touché. But yeah. I totally agree with you. That's a complete dick move.

Hmm. It would seem my sarcasm wasn't clear. My fault. Then again, I woulf have gotten thumbed down if I explained it was sarcasm.