By kellym - Canada
Today, I called my husband and he told me that he was going to invite his friend Jeff over that night. I told him I would prefer that he didn't come over. He took it to mean that I wanted to spend time with him and came home with flowers. Then had to tell him I was leaving him. FML
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  bridgette5866  |  0

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  deviking  |  10

I think #339 meant that it could have been through text and those are very easy to take the wrong I doubt op was like oh I'll ask him to come over for sex then dump him I think it was a miscommunication

By  naaah  |  0

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  summerguy97  |  16

Things weren't working out. He could have been romantic this one time, and rarely be romantic, and she left him. Both their lives suck, and neither one deserves it. I think you're just taking his side out of pity and being mean to OP. Also, how does this involve the world revolving around her!?

  Scubanaut  |  13

#408 He may have been romantic this one time? Not likely, if the dude respected his wife enough to not hang out with his friend and bring her flowers he obviously cares. This is all on her and I hope she never finds a guy as good as the one she left.

By  ZDrache  |  0


Obviously she didn't want to tell her husband over the phone that she wanted to split up with him. And then he comes home with flowers, which is a sign of affection, then she had to ultimately reject him, and felt bad for it because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. So it's FB(oth)T(heir)L(ives) really.

  chocolemonade  |  6

Seriously! Everyone assumes she's just being a bitch. Who knows? Maybe she just fell out of love, maybe she wasn't thinking enough when they got married. it's hardly the first time that happened. She clearly still cares about his feelings if she felt bad about the situation, hence the fml. It's a sad situation true, but it's not like she went skipping off into the sunset. Both parties felt bad.

  mkenzielee  |  0

...everyone understood the FML. We just don't understand why we should feel so bad for her when the husband was the one who was trying to be nice and she practically spit in his face. But you know, thanks for explaining the easy to understand FML...