By Can2 - 08/01/2014 19:03 - United States - Houston

Today, I called my auto insurance company to try to get some discounts and lower my rate. I ended up adding $30 to my monthly payment. FML
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Should've switched to geico and saved 15%

Those bastards know how to con people. Be more careful next time


Should've switched to geico and saved 15%

Plot twist. His insurance company is Geico!

Plot twist: stop with the plot twists!

#17, if you want to stop plot twists joke, you shouldn't make them. That's like replying to "that's a shitty situation" with "that's a shitty joke."

#21, He wasnt making the joke, he was mocking him

That sure did twist the plot pretty darn well.

Mr sassy pants I was mocking the plot twist that has become increasingly popular on this site. People try way too hard with them now. It's on every FML I read.

Wizardo 33

Plot twist: these jokes are overrated and shit, stop.

euphoricness 28

Plot twist: I have to poop

Wouldn't that be a plop twist? I know, I know. couldn't help it.

\ 28

You just never know when jokes go out of style in the FML world. FML is an enigma.

Plot twist: My phone is at half battery.

Plot twist: Shut the f*** up and don't try so hard to be funny!

incoherentrmblr 21

Plot twist: His insurance is State Farm and Jake persuaded him at 3am...

How did you Manage to do that?

StompinOnCrayons 15

Getting coerced into purchasing branded t-shirts, keyrings, mousemats and the deed to someone's soul..

Insurance agents are sneaky bastards

jokes on you 26- the deed to one unlucky soul was automatically included in my car insurance premium. free of charge!

HJKM_fml 19

Probably added on some "much needed" benefits. Insurance companies can be tricky like that. OP next time, don't be afraid to say no and hang up.

I think you did it wrong...

Those bastards know how to con people. Be more careful next time

I'm very curious to what OP said to even get in that predicament.

pure skill right there..

Greenteamextreme 16

Damn sales men!

Save money by spending more! Insurance logic.

AwkwardHaole808 16

"If you act now we can give you some more great coverage for the low price of $30.00 more a month!"

Why was the car embarrassed? Because it had gas!

Ahh lame jokes... I always liked "Ask me if I'm an orange." "Are you an orange?" "No." Bahahaha... What a pisser

You two are the reason I like this site...

They tricked you! Next time get out a calculator and pretend to calculate everything they offer you. It'll freak them out and show them you won't be fooled again!

Yes because they can see the calculator over the phone

That's why you say "hold on a sec I gotta punch this into my calculator" problem solved

I bet that pretending part will end up with OP writing "boobs" on his calculator.