By Anonymous
Today, I called in sick to my job. I'm already on shaky ground there, but I was honestly sick. I happened to call in during the mandatory departmental meeting. Apparently, I was supposed to go in a half-hour early. I called in thirty minutes late, during a required meeting. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

We get it — you don’t need to explain to us that mandatory means required.

I’m guessing your coworkers were OK with you missing the mandatory, required, obligatory, requisite, unmissable, must-attend get-together, meeting, congregation, convocation, assembly, gathering.

No one misses the human thesaurus.

By  Bubbilility  |  27

How were you not informed beforehand? Doesn't sound like it's the most reliable place to work.
Also, call in earlier if you're sick (a few hours if you can), although I get it if the place you work wants you in as soon as they open.

By  reborne  |  9

To the people saying just get a doctors' note - they can fire someone even with a doctors' note. If an employee has absence which is higher than the company's absence policy allows, and they already have warnings on file it can go high enough in the disciplinary procedure to let them go.
And to be frank, if you're forgetting mandatory meetings, your manager probably already has your card marked and you should maybe be thinking yourself that the role isn't suitable for you....