By sasd32 - United States
  Today, I called a potential employer. I left a message asking him to return my call. When he did, my drunk friend answered my phone with "I make a sexy-time with my mother in-law." I called him back twice immediately to explain. No answer. That was my last hope for a decent job. FML
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I agree. I'm the mean time, look to places like target, starbucks, a local library, or anyplace really to get some more job experience.

If you don't want to do that, you could always go down the the office and explain in person.

By  cheeze_fml  |  0

If one job in all of the entirety of the planet was your last hope at a decent job, you're either overly dramatic or not very skilled. One of those you can fix easily, the other is going to take some work. Which is which? I'll let you decide.

By  jhled  |  0

Now, your phone should've been with you, so I don't get why your friend answered the phone. I only let my girlfriend answer, sometimes. And she doesn't like alcohol.

But keep looking. Jobs are hard to find, but I'm sure you can get some. Try looking around in the newspapers or something. I'm sure you'll find something.