By Anonymous - United States
Today, I brought my own thermos of coffee on the train with me, the kind that flips open to uncover the mouth part. I take a few swigs and notice a cute boy nervously smiling at me. Suddenly, I feel something drip down my nose. The flip part was leaving drops of coffee all over my forehead. FML
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By  charloemm  |  7

Are you kidding me? This could have been a perfect opportunity to be funny and charming.

You notice the coffee drops on your forehead. You touch your hand to your forehead, then look at your hand. Then you smile, as though holding back laughter because you know you look silly. You look up at the guy, still sort of smiling. "Do you have a napkin or something?" You say, starting to giggle.

If you play it off when you look silly, you come off as somewhat clownish, but in a good way.


By  HeavyMetalViking  |  0

Shame it doesn't have the same atmosphere as having eye contact with a cute guy at a coffee place.
By the way, OP, if you didn't feel the heat of the coffee, it's time to buy a new thermal flask.

By  GallifreyDog  |  2

And this is an FML... why? Its not like your dog died or anything. Fucking hell, if I got coffee on my forehead I would have laughed and not even thought about it being an FML. I got competely drenched in apple juice once, I just laughed that off. Grow the fuck up.