By Hailey Antone / Saturday 10 September 2011 19:01 / United States
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  Sebastian_NG  |  17

Wow this is the first time i noticed they change the fmls to make them funnier... The original which i voted for to be submitted said something like this:

Today, I brought my date home to meet my parents. We walked in the front door to find my drunken father wearing nothing but a Viking helmet, and telling me to wear a condom. Im 14. FML

  tsume24  |  3

72 - I have two jobs, and one of them is a babysitting job. the kid loves me. (:

I like how you completely changed the subject though. what's the next one gonna be!?

  tsume24  |  3

thank you (:

however, my piercings are a part of who I am. I honestly don't think I'd look or feel right without them. I doubt you know who she is, but being pierced by Elayne Angel was something I'll never forget.

and kids have always loved me, so. :P