By Natsert99 - United States - Deerfield
  Today, I brought my best friend to the strip club as a birthday gift, as he had mentioned that he'd never been to one before. It might have been ruined by the discovery that his daughter had a new job. FML
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  mariri9206  |  32

And F his friend's life for finding out like that.

  Soninuva  |  41

@17: what #5 meant doesn't necessarily mean that OP's friend will look at her negatively, more likely just awkwardly. Plus, not all strippers have "daddy issues." Some choose to be one just as anyone might choose any other career, for a plethora of reasons, be it the money, they enjoy it, or anything else.

  myfuturelover  |  15

@20 not necessarily... How would that conversation go? The Daughter: Hey Dad I got a job! The Dad: Oh really? where? The Daughter: I'm a stripper!
I think it's just an awkward situation no matter how he would have found out. Some people become strippers to help pay for college. That has nothing to do with the relationship with their parents.

  baby4mommy  |  27

Many of the people I have known that worked as strippers started dancing because it was a way to earn a substantially greater sum of money more quickly than any other options they were willing to consider. A few of them did it temporarily to solve financial difficulties while they were students. I don't think any of them expected they might meet one of their parents at work or even meet anyone of their parents friends. All came from homes with incomes ranging from lower middle class to high upper middle class. None considered it a career choice or told their parents. They were all very smart and talented people. One friend did tell her brother & sister. All of them are now in their mid thirties and successfully progressing to differing levels of success in other careers; fashion design, the recording industry, retail tech to name a few. Not all their homes were perfect but neither were they the cliché broken home TV movie many would assume.

  Seabass_Chan  |  33

@17, I've met, and befriended strippers before. Hell, I dated a (male) one once. Very few of them are the drugged up, broke, fatherless ones you see in media.

A lot of them do it because it's easy money, short hours between college classes, or hell, because they just enjoy doing it. Being part of the bar scene isn't just for patrons - I've talked to many strippers, waitresses and bartenders that just enjoyed the "vibe" of their workplace.