By achoo - United States
Today, I brought back the puppy I adopted for my family. I spent months doing all the research on puppy care with two young children, and at least five hundred dollars for the dog, the supplies, toys... the whole bit. Turns out everyone's allergic to her. FML
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By  arstef90  |  5

Man, you people are haters. I'm sure nothing's ever slipped y'all's minds before. I understand why the OP forgot: if he or she's not allergic to anything, then checking for allergies wouldn't have crossed his or her mind.

That really sucks about the dog.

By  nikkirito  |  0

Well, there are medications people can take. However, it is possible the breeder or adoption center may take the puppy back still. Next time, try looking into hypoallergenic animals. :P

Also, #6, try Siberian cats. An expensive and somewhat rare breed, but hypoallergenic!

By  adelaide_evening  |  0

Maybe it's like that Brady Bunch episode where they're really allergic to the dog's flea powder rather than the dog?

I also remember hearing a while ago that if you give them a bath in distilled water (I dunno why it has to be distilled) once a week, it really helps with the allergies. But I don't know if that is an urban legend or not.