By Ouch - 28/02/2015 02:25 - Hong Kong - Central District

Today, I broke my leg. My mom told me I still have to go to tennis class tomorrow because the course isn't refundable. FML
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Protest and raise a racquet until she relents.

What exactly does she expect you to do when you're there...?


Lol just remember she loves and cares about you ??

Why would she send her daughter to tennis in spite of a broken leg then?

It's a play on the word "Love" which I believe is a score of 0 in Tennis.

no.... that's not what it is at all

Burn your mom in fire.

Urm really?..

I don't think that would be advisable

Well that escalated quickly.

Alright, Stewie.

That may be slightly illegal

Protest and raise a racquet until she relents.

Violence is not the answer. In the words of Bob Marley, "one-love".

There's a good "take her to court" pun somewhere here for the "you should sue crew".

Good joke, but one-love is impossible because tennis goes by 5s.

You can learn from watching.

IAmzephyr 22

true. OP could still learn techniques and tips

Some people love money more than safety.Besides you can't play also

Damn, sorry op!

Well aren't you just phenomenally insightful.

I absolutely despise people like yourself. You laugh at someone else's bad situation. I once wrote a really nice comment to a guy on youtube talking about something shitty that happened to me and people replied to me "LOL" and "haha" like honestly what the fuck is wrong with you?

What exactly does she expect you to do when you're there...?

Break a leg of course!

Well, you can be glad it's not something like track or cross country...

She probably just wants op to go. I guess she doesn't really expect him to play, but she expects him to go because it's been paid for. He'll probably just sit and watch

#26, tennis runs a lot also. Just like xc or track. And 90% of the time, the running is in short sprints, constantly

I imagine op's mom is thinking that it's better for him to learn from watching then to miss everything. However if op just broke their foot they're probably really uncomfortable and the mom should totally give them a break and let them lie around for a few days. (No pun intended.)

Obviously play with some balls...

BlueXephos 10

Hide the car keys so no one can go anywhere.

KhaleesiDannie 26

Does she know how tennis works? You're not going to get much out of the lesson like that but maybe they can reschedule the lessons till after your leg heals