By Anonymous / Tuesday 5 February 2019 04:00 /
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By  simmpandher  |  24

Could you ask him to replace them since he broke them?

  zuckerburg  |  21

He could, but just like any other whiny snowflake out there, he wanted to share his experience here instead, you know, for some moral support about how unfair life is

By  thehaystackerine  |  16

and let me guess... you drive a shit box 90's Honda Civic, you can fit your whole head in the tail pipe, and you think you're so cool, and you wonder why you can't get laid right?

By  Brad Fischer  |  7

I bet your dad granny shifts instead of double clutching like he should too. Such a buster.

By  badrussian79  |  10

I’m in the process of doing the same to my SUV. It’s white LEDs so people can see when climbing in and so my dogs can see when jumping out at night. If you are doing just for ground effect cool. Not my cup of tea but I generally don’t judge other people’s aesthetic preferences.

As far as your dad, yeah he’s a fucking dick like mine. That would be exactly something that cock sucker that got my mom pregnant would do. Then blame me for it not working. Same cock sucker that turned a fucking masters degree in engineering and 10 years of medical device experience to total shit. He’s the type of fucking prick that knows everything takes credit for other people success and blames anyone but himself for his failure.

So yeah I feel you. But you might be able to salvage this depending on what he broke.

P.S. For those that want to start with the he’s you Dad or you should move out. I moved out at 18 as he made my life an utter living hell. The fact that I left pissed him off enough to buy company stock then demand a tour with me involved. I was the equivalent of skunk works team for my company. Bye bye career. So no I don’t owe him fuck.

  tounces7  |  26

...your dad bought controlling stock in the company you worked for just to get back at you?

Wow that has to be a petty dumbass of the year award or something.