By badwolf - 04/09/2012 20:34 - United States

Today, I bought some bitter-apple spray to stop my puppy chewing on everything. Later, I found out how effective it was, when I tried to eat a sandwich, and gagged at the horrifying taste on my hands. My dog seems unaffected, and continues to chew the table legs. FML
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Try hot sauce instead?

That happened to me once, it's disgusting!


Maybe buy some different spray?

This reminds me of the FML of the girl that forgot to wash her hands after using vapor rub. Perhaps this is a lesson to wash your hands more??

Just put him in the cone of shame, and spare yourself the trouble.

Get a spray bottle, put in half vinegar and half water, and spray the dog when he chews on stuff

The pet store I bought it from told me it might not work and some dogs actually enjoy the taste. I would definitely go with the different spray idea or just use a different method.

Umm...You can try vinegar and a bit off water.Works like a charm :)

I have to agree with #84; switch from "bitter apple" to "bitter habanero"--that'll teach your puppy!

Wash you hands dear. It'll save you a lot of trouble down the roadO.o

#1 her problem is that she thinks dogs have the exact same taste buds as humans. #13 you don't have to respond to #1 to get your comment read. You just have to post something funny, and if it gets thumbed up enough everyone will read it before they read #1's comment.

^i don't know about you, but I usually read the first comment first

108 am with you on that one. 102 is one of those ppl that think they are smart and have advice for everyone. Well mine is shut the fuck and just enjoy the humor 102.

Maybe wash your hands before you fucking eat? This reminds me of the time in high school one of my teachers old us about how she put in her contact lenses and couldn't figure out why her eyes were burning like the fires of Hades. Turns out it was from the hair gel on her hands. I was like, "You don't wash your hands before you touch your eyes?" And everyone looked at me like, "You do?" *facepalm* I guess common sense (and Hygiene 101) isn't common anymore.

Yeah, I find it strange how some people don't wash their hands. I mean, don't they ever feel like washing their hands? I wash mine all the time, even after I feed my cat. And I don't even touch the food, it just smells terrible so I feel filthy... My logic.

But it's not thumbed down. And you didn't post something funny..? And! It's my profile. I post what I want.

102- oh come on, i'm sure you've done it before. We can't deny that we all have some attention whore in us.

Dog lick there own bunghole. Tell me what you think taste worse than a dogs ass?


That happened to me once, it's disgusting!

My friend had to buy that spray for the trim of her walls so that her rabbit would stop chewing on the edge of it. It didn't stop the rabbit from chewing on the walls, but it stopped us from enjoying the cookies we made later. :P

Makes me wonder if they actually test the stuff on animals. That's one industry where animal testing might be helpful.

I second that. Animal testing should definitely be done if the products are intended for use on animals (assuming it's not a mousetrap or something like that).

15 - We rubbed Tabasco sauce on our phone wires to keep my bunny from chewing them. She enjoyed it and chewed them more.

Lol what were you thinking 44 ^.^

33- wait, so you can install mousetraps to kill mice but you can't test the mousetrap first because… you can't kill mice? am I missing something?

75, the purpose of mousetraps is obviously to delicately and gently snuggle the mouse with a metal spring-loaded rod designed to swing at the mouse's neck swiftly and forcefully. Death is an unintended side-effect that was not discovered until post-production due to a lack of inhumane animal testing.

75 - the fact that the spray isn't meant to harm the animals, just stop them from chewing. It's not going to kill like a mouse trap

Yeah and this is why we wash our hands after using chemical products and especially before eating...

What? Gagging on it?

He's like the flavoring you added to everything

When I first got my Yorky, he started chewing on the corners of everything! My little sister thought it would be a great idea to put hot sauce so he would stop. It didn't stop him, he would just sit down and eat the wall-_-

That is one hungry puppy you got there.

Tables always taste better !

Try hot sauce instead?

Better than Lysol

This sometimes is effective.

I would say use double sided tape. its sticky so he won't like chewing on it. it works with cats scratching your sofas too.

hot sauce probably won't work, I've done this and my dog loved it and didn't stop eating the corners of my house:/ lol

Blazing sauce from BWW should do the trick. I'm guessing a dog won't enjoy chewing on that after a few bites.

Or give him more hugs so he stays off the furniture :3

Ya but you don't wanna kill the dog

So, 41, are you taping your sofa? Or your cat?

Use Original Irish Spring soap (the GREEN not the blue). It's non toxic and works better than bitter apple. I used to use it for my rabbit chewing on wall corners but it's just as effective on leather couches and furniture!!! Good luck OP and hang in there

Yup cos it will be funnier when he doesn't wash his hands. Bleah, makes me ill thinking about touching a dog+food

Maybe research other methods of preventing your dog from chewing stuff?

I don't work at PETA, but do you know how much torture that is for a dog? It's like putting a microphone right near a speaker... Maybe even worse!

What does working at PETA have to do with sensitive dog ears? -.-

How did you forget to wash your hands after handling it? XD

I'd say it depends on how hungry OP was before they ate their sandwich. If I'm ever really hungry I just chow down..

have you considered the possibility that maybe even after vigorous washing with soap the taste still remains? like many things of that sort, perhaps the taste doesn't come out so easily.

It's a good thing I don't have contacts, because I loooove hot sauce.

Just because she could still taste it on her hands does not mean she didn't wash them. I used the same kind of stuff for my dog( who also thought it was yummy seasoning) the problem is it sprays out in a really fine mist & winds up everywhere. I washed my hands, made myself a snack, and apparently some had made it to the top of my coffee table, because when I wiped my mouth with my napkin, all I could taste was the awful flavor of grapefruit. Took me & my boyfriend at the time to clean that crap off everything. Our best guess was the ceiling fan spread that nasty stuff way farther than we ever intended.

did it say "for animals" or "for humans" ?

I dont think there is a spray that discourages humans from biting things..

Bug spray works just fine.

30- But there is a special nail polish that keeps you from biting your nails.

Watch a fue episodes of the dog whisperer and save yourself the grief of doin the wrong things over and over

Just like your comment.