By Ulysse - 23/11/2008 16:44 - United Kingdom

Today, I bought my new electric razor. I tried it, and washed it. I started to shake it, in order to get rid of the water. It was pretty slippy, and it exploded on the floor of my bathroom. The warranty doesn't cover this, I guess. FML
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soldiat_fml 17

When you say explode, did you drop it or did it just spontaneously combust? An exploding razor should be covered by the warranty. A dropped razor...maybe not so much.

it's not even like your 2nd.... your 13th


jvjanisse 0

slippy is a word - same as slippery. and that sucks so much.

fuckmyl1f333 0

slippy? lol, i think the refund will cover that...and how much was the razor?

Phantom034 0

The razor EXPLODED??? O.o Not buying that brand, that's for sure.

How did the razor just explode?

Either sarcasm or serious. If sarcasm, what he means by it exploding is breaking into peices all over the floor.

What's the brand so I don't buy it

I think he meant Slippery XD FYL

and the acceptance bar for an FML just fell a little lower

OH I'N FIRST!!! well, oh, um, well, i'd like to thank my friends, Dr Gregory House, PacMan, the Beatles an the Rolling Stones for helping me get through this all. 

it's not even like your 2nd.... your 13th

slippy's a word!!!!!