By jlw1998 - 25/04/2016 04:36 - United States - Dallas

Today, I bought my girlfriend a cat. I now have a cat and no girlfriend. FML
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This FML is the kind that requires a follow up to be fully understood. Did your girlfriend break up with you because of the cat?? Did the cat kill her!? What happened??

Maybe it's best to just buy flowers next time.


Maybe it's best to just buy flowers next time.

TWayne95 13

Then he would probably just have flowers and no girlfriend

There wont be a next time

And a cat, I guess.

gquagmire 17

You can probably return the cat if you no longer want it, I'm sure the people you got it from will understand.

nightingale21 7

Cats aren't exactly returnable goods. Never, ever get an animal if you can't keep it forever. And definitely do not get animals as surprise gifts.

Most breeders have a sort of return policy on animals. That way if it doesn't fit they rehome instead of the animal being dumped at the pound.

Well, only shitty people use breeders to get a cat.

I agree, #67. Shitty people, or just severely misinformed. Adopt your pets. Most breeders aren't likely to euthanize their profits.

Vespertinecat 1

Please understand that not everyone can adopt due to cat allergies and thus really only have Siberian breeders to turn to as they do not produce as much of the protein that causes an allergic reaction in humans. I love cats, but I'm terribly allergic. I tried holding cats I thought to adopt. Didn't work. Itchy and sneezing. I now live happily with two Siberians allergy-free. Please do not be so quick to judge.

Really? Good breeders in Australia are responsible and will take back their animals at any time in that animal's life. Much better option than Craig's list or the local pet shop. Some people wish to get a young animal for many reasons. I personally right now own 3 rescued dogs and 4 rescued cats and all of them came with behaviours that need ongoing intervention and work. It's not for all. Doesn't make the person shitty.

cheshireau 26

Thank you for doing that and your work with them. Much respect.

OptimusSlime 23

Does she hate cats that much?

did you keep the receipt?

This FML is the kind that requires a follow up to be fully understood. Did your girlfriend break up with you because of the cat?? Did the cat kill her!? What happened??

I'm rooting for the second option. Kinda.

No it doesnt obviously he bought her a cat. They had problems and broke up. She didnt want the cat so now he has no girlfriend but has a cat

I think you are onto something there... The cat probably killed her.

My sides have reached orbit reading option B..

I'm very curious too

We're all curious as to the situation, and as they say, curiosity killed the cat. Pretty soon OP will have no cat and no girlfriend.

Murderous cat confirmed!!!!

Someone1111 22

Well, i hope your new pet brings you some joy in the future

Sounds like a good trade.

It is. My ex got us a cat, we broke up and kept the kitty. My ex may have got her, but the kitty is my baby.

and I kept the kitty. ^^

If you kept the kitty, who are you saying that your ex kept?

The cat planned it out. It talked her into leaving OP so it can have him all to itself.

Probably sent a fake breakup text too.

A pet is a huge responsibility. That's a lot to put on someone. If she didn't specifically tell you she wanted a cat, YDI.

I don't understand why people continually give pets as presents to their significant other. Pets are a huge responsibility, almost like children. I would never surprise my boyfriend with a child, that just sounds crazy!! "Surprise! I stopped taking birth control and now I'm pregnant! Aren't you happy sweetie?" So why do people think it's okay to do with pets?? If she wanted a cat, she could have adopted one on her own.

I don't know. I personally would love it if someone got me a kitten. This is the kind of gift, that if you're sure someone wants it, can be really meaningful. If it's totally out of the blue, then it could cause resentment because it is a lot of responsibility to thrust on someone, but I think there are valid reasons for surprising someone with a pet.

*there can be valid reasons


I have to agree, if you are 100% certain the person wants the animal then it can be a great gift. I bought my bf a purebred German Shepherd puppy because he was looking for one his parents said they would buy it for him, but they refused to look at breeders and he wanted a purebred one. So I dropped the cash he didn't have to get him his dream dog. still has the puppy and we are still together. However, if you are just buying someone an animal because "it's cute" or they mentioned 1 time 3 years ago they they wanted a "pet" then you should be willing to take care of that pet. lol why do you think I got the puppy in my favorite color for the breed?! just in case he didn't like him, I got me a kickass dog. :) animals aren't lifeless property (unless they're stuffed) make sure when you purchase it you're willing to be this pets owner for life.

cats are better anyway. sorry bout your break up OP...