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  enonymous  |  8

So did she scream at you? Or the cupcakes? because I do this a lot... Fucking cupcakes deserve it... It puts the frosting on its skin or else it gets the mouth again

  KittySaysMoo  |  6

It's the old "devil on one shoulder and angel on the other" situation. The good side was asking to pass the cupcake, and the bad didn't wipe his face. :D omnomnomnom.

  fancyclown  |  9

82, I assumed "the" was a misspelling of "them." Anyway, no, you couldn't decipher cupcakes from nothing, but after reading the FML, it's pretty safe to assume they'd be talking about cupcakes.

  aaliyah99  |  0

144- yes, but i was correcting her way of saying it. Seafood diet- meaning she only eats sea food. SEEfood diet meaning she sees food then has to eat it. Durr.:)