By hdkgdkvdjd - 30/12/2011 04:56 - United States

Today, I bought cupcakes from a bakery by my work. I took them home, at which point my mother screamed at me because she's on a diet. Hours later I found the whole box empty. Great self-control, mom. FML
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jonan1212 5

Well DUH they're cupcakes!

I believe the correct term would be SEEfood diet.


So2011 4

At least your grandma will look nice.

jonan1212 5

Well DUH they're cupcakes!

Can't resist cupcakes. It's just isn't humanly possible.

Nice story OP :) no one will ever think that YOU actually ate them

What am I doing here? I didn't even read this fml.

jaredjudd21 2

Blame it on the person that is on a diet with no self control.

She WAS on a diet...until some cupcakes decided to show up

enonymous 8

So did she scream at you? Or the cupcakes? because I do this a lot... Fucking cupcakes deserve it... It puts the frosting on its skin or else it gets the mouth again

Was it one cupcake or several? The fml says took "it" home.. Either way, no need to scream at the little mound of sugary goodness!

maybe she thought they went really well with her huge cup of vodka?

blackstar994 5

It's says they bought cupcakeS.

zakkyzebra 11

I hate cupcakes -_____- too much frosting... Not enough banana nut... muffins

blackstar994 5

I agree with 85

It's the old "devil on one shoulder and angel on the other" situation. The good side was asking to pass the cupcake, and the bad didn't wipe his face. :D omnomnomnom.

Volcan_fml 22

Wow, your mother is a dick.

Cupcakes are the shit. If you wanted them safe you have to keep them with you or they will disappear.

DreBeezy 9

78- the fml said took "them" home. Reading: it's fundamental!

The FML has been edited. It had several grammatical errors yesterday.

123- dicks=men, bitches=women

littlegold 7

I want cupcakes!!!!!

Moms self control=fail... But you shoul have put the away..

gazzdogs 5

I'm sorry, what did you just say?

gazzdogs 5

I'm sorry, what did you just say?

My phone froze should instead of shoul and put the cupcakes away for the other correction.

gazzdogs 5

Thank you TheIsland, I was struggling, even though I am from the generation that introduced "annoying shorthand."

22, I fail to see how you couldn't decipher a phrase with two missing letters.

zakkyzebra 11

76, did you not see 43? He was obviously missing a word. A WHOLE WORD. You can't decipher the word "cupcake" from nothing!

82, I assumed "the" was a misspelling of "them." Anyway, no, you couldn't decipher cupcakes from nothing, but after reading the FML, it's pretty safe to assume they'd be talking about cupcakes.

gazzdogs 5

It's called sarcasm, I am not an idiot. I did it because his grammar was so bad. *sigh*

gazzdogs 5

By the way 87, I understood the sentence completely. I was being sarcastic. I hate it how sarcasm can never be detected in writing.

That's true. Now I feel like an idiot, lol. No hard feelings, I just don't like seeing people getting attacked for some typos.

gazzdogs 5

Sorry if I offended anyone.

76- because the rest of us aren't as intelligent as you. And we like insulting people to make them feel like shit!

She's on a seafood diet.

I believe the correct term would be SEEfood diet.

xSonic 9


144- yes, but i was correcting her way of saying it. Seafood diet- meaning she only eats sea food. SEEfood diet meaning she sees food then has to eat it. Durr.:)

u want sexy time?

You're stupid....

Everyone fails at that, don't they? Haha

Airman1988 9

Mr. Misfit what cupcakes are you eating that have meat in them?

94- CUB-cakes!

anahlicious 10

Seems like misfit and heybuddy would make a great pair! :)

Thumbs down just for your username.

frankothetanko 0

she was only thinking of you, she doesn't want you to get fat

I want a cupcake now...

Can you blame her though? Is it possible to resist cupcakes?

SilverInGray 25

It upsets me slightly that you beat me to this. And not even by a full minute.

iamesauce 4

Like... six people beat you to it.

I can resist them. Cupcakes are too thick and require lots of milk. But warm brownies edges on the other hand, don't stand a chance.

Why are you so horrible do you hear that crack ?... That's my heart breaking at the thought of a cupcake hater

nativepimp 1

Cupcakes are not that special. Cookies on the other hand....

SilverInGray 25

It's hard to blame somebody for eating cupcakes. They're cupcakes.

takeapieandrun 9

My mom does this... it's incredibly annoying.

blondebrunette11 4

Hey, um we dont care.

chickenwalrus 14

120... hey um shut da fuckup

you shoulda put notes under the cupcakes so when she picked them up she would read don't do it :P

PawsUp_fml 2

And underneath the others add, "You ate the other one! NO MORE!"