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Today, I bought a new pack of "feminine wipes" on my way over to my boyfriend's house after a long day of work. He saw them in my purse and sweetly told me I shouldn't be so self conscious. Later on, when he was going down on me, he said, "I take back what I said earlier." FML
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sallen0046 4

Why would you spend a "long day at work" in the summer and not bathe before you get your boyfriend to shove his face into your stank ******? Common sense, lady.

lionandthelamb61 9


ilovemunro 0

ew! hahahah wow i wouldd have been tottally embarrased if my bf had told me that..FYL

iSitt 0

they probably leave a residue that tastes like chemicals. or will irritate her bfs eyes as he rubbed his face there. better to shower instead.

How fo u know he wasn't talking about eating a taco later instead of burriots?

Mars_Bars_Big_Na 0

well chemicals taste better than coochie stanks

YDI. It's called a washcloth and baby shampoo.

glambert1998 0

81,i know right? my sister who im responsable of,showed this to me and said she threw up a little!

#105, you douche but are skeptical of wipes? Really...?

lionandthelamb61 9
Sun_Kissed18 25

Yeah, wipes can not take the place of a nice long shower. Your boyfriend will thank you.

CiaranPM 0

The hell is a feminine wipe? Damn women and their beauty crap...

ilovemunro 0

#7 hahah wow..its sumthing girls use to clean themselves downderr i guess to b cleann or sum nd not stinkk? hahahh

lionandthelamb61 9

I've actually never heard of or used one, but I'm sure they're a lot more pleasant sounding than their purpose

CiaranPM 0

Clean themselves down under? Shit, just take a shower...

ilovemunro 0

haha yea down under..but likee to disinfect and make it smell extra nice i think? hahah

sallen0046 4

Think baby wipes, only designed for adult women. Especially useful on period days when you don't have the option to bathe every single time you use the restroom.

MissErikaHart 0

you should always use baby/fem wipes after u go to the bathroom. dry toilet paper alone is not good enough. when I go to someones house and they dont have wipes, I just think, "ew"

Erika: 1. The chemicals would not taste very pleasant for the guy who's going down on her. 2. The wipes are NOT necessary every time one goes to the bathroom. 3. Technically, they aren't necessary at all, since a shower is suffice. 4. The chemicals in the wipes sometimes, if not all the time, contain alcohol, which is very drying to tougher skin (think hand sanitizer and the drying effects on hands). Used on a sensitive area such as vaginal skin, I'm sure you can imagine how bad of an idea that is. 5. Even without alcohol (I haven't researched whether they all have alcohol in them, but since they are disinfecting wipes, I'm sure they all do) the chemicals are extremely irritating to such a sensitive area. 6. They are expensive. Again, soap and water... 7. Think about allergies. Some of the chemicals CAN give an allergic reaction. If the girl happens to be alright after using them and does not experience an allergic reaction, there is still a chance the guy might. Who wants that? 8. Toilet paper is used to absorb the wetness of urine from your vaginal area, since wetness in the area is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Oh, and bacteria is the cause of the funky smells "down there". As long as you're dry, nothing's needed in between daily showers. 9. The wipes contain moisture. Please refer to point number 8. 10. Every woman has her own personal scent. This attracts a male; many report being turned on by such a smell. Mind you, anything "fishy" smelling is bad and you should be going to a clinic for a pill to cure the yeast infection.

glambert1998 0

Wow, there are actually intelligent people on this website :)

#107 Dude, you need to get a life. lmao

"Feminine wipes",otherwise known as "Vagina Kleenex"

astroid714 0

bahaha dnt blow him that'll teach him:) 8====D ~ lol

sallen0046 4

Why would you spend a "long day at work" in the summer and not bathe before you get your boyfriend to shove his face into your stank ******? Common sense, lady.

perdix 29

No, I think HE'S the idiot for going down there after she's had a long day at work. If he couldn't wait for her to shower, he should have just stuck to ******* -- the penis has no nose (although mine has fingers :D)

xxniteskie 1
dubstep87 0

u could of showered first , any woman should before getting intimate

monnanon 13

wow what??? clean freak much. If you were "intimate" once then decided todo it again would you expect your lady, ( or yourself if you are female) to shower in between. Bah people are so scared of germs and dirt nowadays, live a little. Did you miss the part when she said she had bought wipes. They are designed to be used as a quick clean up. Im guessing she had full intentions of freshening up if her bf hadn't said what he did.

monnanon 13

for all those who shower loads during the day, i hope you know you are robbing your skin of its nautural protective oils. live a little,a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Monnanon you are totally and utterly correct. As is Steph (post #107). Also, the OP never says whether or not she showers or does anything to freshen up, we can assume that she did, but not necessarily as thoroughly as she might have done had her bf not said anything.

YouSuckAtLove 0

wait, his advice.. led you not to clean yourself? ugh, must have been sweaty and moldy or w/e

No_habla_espanol 11