By Anonymous - 10/02/2010 07:54 - United States

Today, I bought a brand new huge leather recliner. After laying down and watching football for some time, I sit up and hear a loud shatter. My iPhone was crushed by the mechanics of the chair after it slipped out of my pocket. FML
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Damn Iphones are like having a trout in your pocket sometimes.

God forbid having phones in pockets


the price of comfort hahaha. should call and see about gettuling a new phone oh wait it broke hahahaha

it does. Although people will say YDI for owning an iPhone : /

I'm sorry

"I sit up and hear a loud shatter" it doesn't sound right to me when I say it.

should be, "I SAT up and HEARD a loud shatter." is why it sounds bad.

this fml makes me scared because my itouch and phone always fall down the hinges and backside of my reclining couch. everytime i realize they fall i'm scared they are going to get pinched by the hinge. :/

YDI for owning a flimsy phone

fuck!!! that's sucks man!!! oh no!! it's da freaking iPhone!!!!!

Same with me Deathcab. I have this huge rusty brown chair in my basement with all these levers and gears and such.

obviously the iPhone shattered... cuz when I fluff my pillows it sounds like I'm throwing a brick at a glass window.... fake


As long as he's consistent it doesn't matter if he uses present tense or past tense. Didn't you ever play text adventure games? "You are in a room. There is a fireplace to the north. You hear rustling from the trees". Or, let me guess, you're too young to remember those games.

heh thats nothing my 3 year old cuzin took mine while napping and put it in the washing machine then managed to turn it on

should have had it in an otterbox.

how could a 3 year old reach the buttons to start a washing machine?? or even manage to figure

My 1 Year old sister can start ours, it's a front load with a Giant Green button.

lol that fuckin sucks

YDI for having ur phone in ur pocket while lying down

God forbid having phones in pockets

haha that happens to me all the time, minus the shattering. fyl

so it never happens to you

I think they meant their phone gets stuck in a recliner alot. bad 5

Damn Iphones are like having a trout in your pocket sometimes.

I never had a trout in my pocket before. Unless you count the trouser trout. . .


FYL man it seems like final destination it was like destined to break if it broke from the chair mechanics

lol true that

take the chair back under the grounds that it ate your friend

That sucks!!!