By ahhnotoy - United States
Today, I bought a box of Fruit Loops. When I got home, I noticed a free prize would be in the box. I sifted through the box, looking for the small toy. It wasn't in there. I don't know what is more sad, the fact that I got ripped off by a children's cereal or that I'm 21 and upset by it. FML
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By  AK  |  2

It's okay; I would have felt ripped off too.

By  izzyyy  |  0

Haha, I'd be a little upset too. I didn't even think they still put prizes in the box anymore, usually they just tell you to send in like 10 bucks and a coupon on the box to get like a plushie or something.

By  singer4life666  |  0

That's when you pretend there was a dead rat in the box so they'll send you free cereal WITH toys in them.TDI fir sending out defect boxes and disappointed millions of hopeful kids.