By jazojigga - United States
Today, I borrowed a van to move some of my furniture. I wasn't used to the brakes so when I stopped at a red light, I pretty much ended up in the cross walk. Suddenly I heard a loud thud at the side of the van. I turned to see what idiot would walk into a van. It was a blind man. FML
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By  LordP123  |  0

F your life? Pshh...F his life. That event sucks a lot more for him than it does for you. You might be embarrassed about it...but hey...he walked into a van.

By  BeautyAndBrains  |  0

Wow, that sucks. There really was nothing you could have done to avoid that, especially since you weren't used to the breaks. I hope the guy was okay. Don't beat yourself up about it...not your fault.