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I'm not trying to be depressing, but in reality 11 is right. There just isn't enough room for EVERYONE to be a winner, and plus many aren't given the opportunity to be winners. However, the harder you try the farther you'll go. :)


Everyone CAN be a winner. It just depends on what people perceive a winner to be. Some people see a doctor as a winner but others see a manager at McDonalds as a winner. Don't worry OP, the only person that can stop you from being a winner is yourself. It depends on what you perceive as a winner.

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Well maybe you should work on improving your self esteem!! It may be difficult and take time, but it'll be worth it!


Cookies!!! The irony in this all is that cookies make you fat which lowers self esteem... It's a continuous fuck in the ass.


I love fortune cookies, except when I ask for one at a Japanese restaraunt and get cussed out because apparently they're a Chinese thing.......

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