By tryena - 28/2/2009 10:59 - United States
Today, I babysat a five year old girl. She ran up to me, threw her arms around my waist and said, "YUMMY! I'm going to eat you!" with her face in my crotch. I said sarcastically under my breath, "Finally, some action!" I turned around to find her dad staring at me, having heard. He's my cousin. FML
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By  Seegtease  |  0

If you were jokingly saying the comment to another person (obviously a joke) it might have made sense. But you actually said it out loud with no intention of anybody hearing it? That's pretty weird.

By  Meri_fml  |  0

#11 doesn't understand this kind of humor, just like most of the others commenting here. ^^ Well, I do.
It's called 'british humor', and I don't think, anybody would say things like that if he/she wasn't joking. 'Cause that would be... ehh... weird. Disgusting. Urgh.
(No, I'm not britain.)

Yeah, #12 is right! ^^

  DerpyHooves  |  0

So, since you "get it", I guess it's fine then? I mean, never mind that this is a very sexual joke towards a child or anything. All in good fun so long as he doesn't act it out, right?

  LesaraRose  |  8

I agree. If it wasn't a kid I could understand. If my babysitter ever says that in this situation I will shoot him. It's a disgusting joke for the simple fact it was a child. Otherwise it would have been funny

By  ajw_5025  |  0

#13 I agree that people don't really get this type of humour, I for one was ROFLing away when I read it. #12 you are right, it's just plain funny! people often say things for fun which they know would be considered sick or wrong if they were meant as said- it was just plain bad luck that her cousin heard her! :P