By tryena - United States
Today, I babysat a five year old girl. She ran up to me, threw her arms around my waist and said, "YUMMY! I'm going to eat you!" with her face in my crotch. I said sarcastically under my breath, "Finally, some action!" I turned around to find her dad staring at me, having heard. He's my cousin. FML
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By  Seegtease  |  0

If you were jokingly saying the comment to another person (obviously a joke) it might have made sense. But you actually said it out loud with no intention of anybody hearing it? That's pretty weird.

By  Meri_fml  |  0

#11 doesn't understand this kind of humor, just like most of the others commenting here. ^^ Well, I do.
It's called 'british humor', and I don't think, anybody would say things like that if he/she wasn't joking. 'Cause that would be... ehh... weird. Disgusting. Urgh.
(No, I'm not britain.)

Yeah, #12 is right! ^^

  DerpyHooves  |  0

So, since you "get it", I guess it's fine then? I mean, never mind that this is a very sexual joke towards a child or anything. All in good fun so long as he doesn't act it out, right?


You aren't Britain? Haha ok but no it's gross because it was sarcastic. Itd be fine if she said it "jokingly I said.." but it was sarcastic and a child and it became weird.

  LesaraRose  |  8

I agree. If it wasn't a kid I could understand. If my babysitter ever says that in this situation I will shoot him. It's a disgusting joke for the simple fact it was a child. Otherwise it would have been funny

By  ajw_5025  |  0

#13 I agree that people don't really get this type of humour, I for one was ROFLing away when I read it. #12 you are right, it's just plain funny! people often say things for fun which they know would be considered sick or wrong if they were meant as said- it was just plain bad luck that her cousin heard her! :P