By Divorcemenow - 17/07/2009 22:02 - United States

Today, I awoke to my husband donning a gorilla mask in the middle of the night. My kids have been staying in a tent out back for the past few nights, and have complained of a "monster" scaring them. I told them that it was their imagination. My husband says he gets a kick out of it. FML
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crazy dad. At least the monsters are not under the bed.


crazy dad. At least the monsters are not under the bed.

He is. We need a "THIS IS NOT A FML" button. This is awesome

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This is a crappy FML. NO ONE in this scenario has a ****** life.

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Yeah, a story that has nothing to do with you, man your life sucks.

I say she shoulda been banging him while the kids were outside so he didn't have to think of something twisted like that. Soooo YDI for having a bad sex life. ;D

i am so totally doing that when i have kids btw this is more MLIA than FML

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To all you people who don't think this is an FML need to get their heads checked. The husband forced the kids to sleep outside their own home for a couple of nights just because he was being a complete dick and because he thought scaring the shit out of his kids was funny but instead this could have tramatised his kids for life! Its also an FML because the OP was forced to lie to her kids since she didn't know what was going on. OP, I'm sorry and you should slap the **** outta him!

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I highly doubt the kids were forced to sleep outside. My brothers and I used to camp in our backyard all the time, it's an adventure for kids. The kids will be fine, fear is good for you. I think what the dad did is funny.

OP your name is scary, judging from this incident, unless it's a sarcasm, still scary sarcasm.

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oh shit. your life is soooooo ******

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Ppl dont know how to tale sarcasim do they holy cow

Its an FML because the kids have to sleep outside all because OP's husband has to be a dick. Its pretty obvious...

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#133- Clearly, its not that "obvious" to you because you completely got the "FML" part wrong. But nice try. Next time, make sure you actually understand why its an FML before you go belittling others. The kids were not forced to sleep in the backyard, they CHOSE to sleep in the backyard because for kids, camping out in the backyard is like an adventure, they have no parents to tell them to go to sleep, its dark, its scary, its exciting, etc. Anyways, off topic, it is an FML because she has a husband who gets a kick out of scaring his children with a gorilla mask and gorilla noises. So yeah, just to repeat myself in case a few people reading this are still too thick to understand, the kids were not FORCED to sleep in the tent outside, and nowhere does it say that they were forced (read carefully) and the FML was that her husband is a freak who scares children. Does everybody understand now? Jesus Christ.

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... And your life is ****** how? Maybe you should stop being so uptight. I happen to think its funny, though you should probably tell your kids once they start sleeping in the house again.

Chill dude. It's funny, it's all that's needed for the site. If their lives were truly screwed from the FML, it wouldn't be a funny one, it would be sad, thus wouldn't be posted...

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Look at the situation, her kids are afraid, they go to her for advice, comfort and support, and she brushes them off as being liars. Sure it was her husband, but it could have just as easily been a pedophile who lived next door trying to entice the kids to sneak over to his house so their parents wouldn't know they were afraid outside. In either case, she was going to accuse her kids of lying and ignore what they were saying

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LMAO @ your name op. but for real, it probably was very funny. just tell them it was Dad when its over and they shouldn't be afraid no more

I sure hope someone returns the favor to that husband of yours. Wish HIS father did that to him.

His father probably did to that to him.