By catlady - United States - Clifton Park
Today, I awoke at two in the morning to my cat putting his most recent kill on my chest. When I jumped up screaming, the dead mouse went flying and now my husband and I can't find it. Better yet now both my husband and my cat are giving me the silent treatment. FML
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  I_Like_Dogs  |  28

I'm also wondering that, what does him has to do with the situation? Is he blaming OP for panicking and loosing the rat? Is he mad because OP made him search for it too?

  leogachi  |  15

@21 One could reasonably assume that this was posted later in the day.

  bibble27  |  9

#1 my theory is the previously were having a fight that ended with the silent treatment but now that OP lost the cat's most recent prey no one in OP's house will talk to her. Sorry OP you can't catch a break this week. It will get better. Hope there's a follow up.

By  srhearrell  |  21

Well at least your cat cares enough to bring you food so you won't die. That's why they do it. Give your cat a day outside, and tell your husband to get off his moral high horse. You panicked. Good luck finding the mouse carcass.

By  Steffi3  |  40

I'd scream too, if I were to wake up like that.
Just curious, how do cats give silent treatments?

By  bandaidstations  |  28

That cat risked life and limb to bring you a token of its love. No appreciation... I feel like your husband is being kind of a bitch though. I mean, he didn't have dead rodent on him and most likely you or the cat will be the one to find it. He gets to go back to sleep.

  drshn  |  22

The cat did not risk anything, it just shared it's dinner.
Why do cats get so much attention when clearly they don't give a fuck.

By  ukeandfoodislife  |  19

yikes OP I'm so sorry!! Your husband seems quite immature. Anyways your cat probably had good intentions, since the view dead animals as "gifts". I hope everything works out okay!!