By PartyPooper - Netherlands
Today, I attended my graduation ceremony. My parents acted mysteriously and kept urging me to go home, since we had to be "on time" for something. Thinking they might have planned a surprise party, I left my friends behind. I missed my graduation because my mom wanted to watch a TV show. FML
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  mike3775  |  32

Not everyone has a DVR. My parents refused to get one as they had access to On Demand from Comcast. OP probably didn’t have a vehicle, thus had to leave with parents.

By  Emily Ball  |  5

are you in preschool, why did you have to leave with your parents, you could have stayed with your friends and hung out, while your parents went home to watch the show

By  Paul B. Gyurcsanszky  |  14

As much as I hate saying it, time to move out! You should take the T.V. with you.


It’s not “time to move out”. In most places, 18 can’t get you shit. Rent is rising, and most countries have issues with employers paying too low for the new generation to survive on. I was tossed out at 18, and I was lucky a family friend needed a roommate. I struggled for 2 years before things started to let loose a little, and I still don’t know what I’m doing. “Move out” isn’t a good option at 18. Maybe 25.