Today, I attended my first meeting with my bosses. For lunch we went to a restaurant. I choked on a piece of meat and couldn't breathe anymore. I had to take that piece of meat out of my throat with my fingers, and then put it back on my plate all chewed up. FML

By Macdaddy / Friday 5 December 2008 12:49 / France
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By  fyour_own_life  |  0

I can teach you to chew cock better. Bit of a cocksucker myself. ;)

  Sessee  |  4

Oh, are you saying that a vegetarian never choked on something? I hate vegetarians like you. If someone wants to eat meat, let them. It's none of your business.


Today, I signed into my online class, got bored, and took off my headphones to argue with my roommates about anal sex. At the end of the argument, I put my headphones back on to hear my professor asking if someone could call me to tell me to turn my damn mic off. FML

By EvilBubbles - / Friday 9 January 2015 03:45 / Trinidad and Tobago - Woodbrook
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