By Saddoc - 26/07/2013 07:58 - Australia - Dalkeith

Today, I attended an elderly patient's funeral. He died of a heart attack after his daughter, as his carer, stopped all of his meds in favour of a half-cup of garlic a day. Apparently she'd "read an article" about the healing power of garlic, which trumped my 6-year degree. FML
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I feel terrible for the elderly man. I couldn't imagine eating a half-cup of garlic a day. That in itself is torture.

Does Australia have anything on criminally negligent homicide?


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BubbleGrunge 18

I think Noor is funnier. But, that's just my input.

DrownedMyFish 18

20, you're the only one who thinks that.

i have to agree with 28

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ILoveMyArm 15

Remind me to never get on the bad side with you guys.

Shit shit shit, did I miss the pillaging and plundering? I always miss the plundering.

I blame Skyrim for missing out

Fuck, I missed it too. Again.

#40 there are those who are funny, like doc, there are those who are unfunny, like you, and there are those who are punny, like noor

I found your comment funny #1

#82 And you shall suffer for it as well

assassinbanana0 20

The only one who seems to have cacti in their ass is you

I don't think you realize you're conceited as ****. Telling people to calm down to an extremely arrogant reply is just idiotic, what else are you expecting? Just admit it.

73 - And then there are the fanboys.

I thought It was hilarious. Smartasses unite!

Eh. I found this funny. I mean honestly. Why all the hate? Thumb me down all you want. It's a shitty situation - and the only way I psychologically can deal is with humour. OP - I'm sorry your patient's daughter is a ******* moron. #1 I am sorry so many people found this offensive. I found it funny in a twisted sadistic sort of way.

salazara 10

33 - here here! I think some people take this site too seriously ;)

\ 28

So I guess #1's comment was just in poor taste.

Queensland, your third comment made me laugh, oh look at that, 28, it appears that Queensland isn't the only one who thinks she's funny.

I don't understand ask the downvotes; i thought the joke was fine

It might have been funny if the guy puked or something, but he died. He was basically killed by someone else's stupidity.

Everyone please stop shoving us cacti in your asses. We have feelings too.

Probably the most interesting thing I've read all night. *golf clap*

I agree with the others, that wasn't funny, but I lol'd anyway.... ;)

I think your comment is funny, and it totally makes sense too :)

roseofwinter 1

I laughed at #1. Yea death is sad, but life is kinda sucky or this site wouldn't exist. People need to see the humor in death to make life better. And your comment was awesome.

threer 30

Doc is the best FMLer on here, but I have to say I love Queensland..

Girreth 7

The joke wasn't even that bad, but the replies to the negative feedback are what ruined it

You're not hilarious quite the opposite actually!

scotthearne 9

Thats awful!

Some people are so incredibly stupid!! They would probably chop off their left arm because it's considered a "natural" cure to someone somewhere.

BradTheBrony 19

But be careful not to chop off the RIGHT arm, or you'll get AIDS. I read it on the internet.

I feel terrible for the elderly man. I couldn't imagine eating a half-cup of garlic a day. That in itself is torture.

I completely disagree with this opinion, but that's just my opinion. Just putting it out there: not everyone would hate this. Edit: Shoot, I misread this. I thought it said half-clove. Yeah, a half-cup is a little bit much, even for me.

Sorry for your loss

It was a patient not a family member

monnanon 13

its still a loss if you have had them as a paitent for a while. she cared enough to go the the funeral and thats not standard proceedure for doctors and nurses.

graceinsheepwear 33

OP is male, 52.

#25 he might not have been family, it's about showing some ******* respect to the deceased & if the op went to his funeral, then he obviously established a connection with the deceased. bloody hell thick or what?!

monnanon 13

my bad i know too many female health professionals and its sqewed my view a bit. no offense meant :)

that's gonna weigh on her

monnanon 13

probably not. the daughter will believe that what she did was right but she wasnt quick enough. most likely she will blame op for all the meds.

RedPillSucks 31

Unless she was trying to get some quick inheritance money

But even if she was trying to get money, isn't that criminal negligence? I know in the IS it is, but what about Australia?

I really, really hope it wasn't an open casket event.

ILoveMyArm 15


My best guess is... The corpse probably has terrible garlic breath?

how can they have garlic breath if they aren't breathing?

If one ate THAT much garlic it's likely to be emanating from all their pores, meaning they would reek of garlic. Happened to me after I ate a Russian meat pie, and discovered those "lumps" in it were solid cloves.

The daughter killed her own father. Nuff said.

Does Australia have anything on criminally negligent homicide?

Yes we do, she can be charged with criminal negligence and/or manslaughter I believe. Still a student though, so don't quote me on that!

I hope so, I live in Australia and this just sounds really off. Especially if the daughter was the carer should have to follow doctors orders. If she wasn't giving him the proper care then at minimum this is neglect, at worse this could be murder or at least manslaughter. Either we need more information about this or OP should be reporting the daughter to the police.

it all depends, I am a carer and i can get told to stop administering medication to a resident at the request of the family. but really garlic is good for you, but not that good.

That reminds me of people who stop taking Meds and start doing Homeopathy, AKA sugar water. Armchair pseudo-scientists everywhere...

Not all of it is bad, you just need to get the right training and not do anything stupid.

BubbleGrunge 18

I have to call you out on the whole homeopathic thing, many of those remedies DO work. Garlic is, in fact, good for your heart but not in the way the daughter believed. Also, I'm a firm believer in many homeopathic remedies over prescription drugs because I've seen first hand the positive effects they have. A good friend of my had lymphoma and was told the treatments weren't working and she's have a few months to a year to live. She started on a homeopathic treatments at a place in Atlanta, and five years later she's still in remission. However, taking an elderly patient off all their heart medication without guidance from someone in the medical field is behind stupid and negligent. Sometimes, even homeopathic remedies can't help with medicine can.

homeopathy might be good sometimes, but in the probably unstable condition the now dead patient was, it would be too risky to suddenly take him off his meds like that. if his daughter would switch to homeopathy (still not recommended) at the right time, it would probably be when his condition becomes more stabilized and he is at no immediate risk.

Bubblegrunge, you knew damn well I wouldn't let this go. Homeopathy is pseudoscience at best and bullshit quackery at worst. The concept that water can somehow "remember" what's been diluted in it flies in the face of science. It doesn't do anything other than promote the placebo effect, which IS real. Now you don't have to believe in science, but that doesn't make it any less right.

monnanon 13

garlic isnt homeopathic though. homeopathy is taking the functiong bit of the medicine and diluting it down. yes garlic is good for the heart ( and stomach) mint and ginger are good for indigestion and stuff like eachanicia is good at staving of colds. however if my heart or stomach was in any danger of killing me i would take the meds perscribed.

mansen 15

I think you are getting homeopathy confused with naturopathy. Homeopathy is the useless sugar pills that have the water and the so called 'memory' of the whatever cure you want retained in it due to the dilutions of umpteenth times and the knocking of the flask umpteenth times as well too. Quackery. Naturopathy is...well....very few actual true scientific studies on their work. I would call it a support of a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with western medicine but you never go off your meds for a life threateninh condition. None of the so called natural remedies or herbal medicines have really gone through through or have to go through the rigorous trials and testing for proof of what they claim they do and for safety like pharmaceuticals do before they are put on the market. And yes there have been many cases of pharmaceutical oopsies that have had to be taken off the market afterwards but, again, still remember, no natural medicine had to go throigh controlled studies, double blind tests, had to be published in proper peer reviewed journals etc etc. and natural medicine industry is and industry too. Out for profit. Worth billions. Almost worth as much as the pharmaceutical industry. Not just existing to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

RedPillSucks 31

I thought homeopathy was the stuff that happened to medicine before science got a hold of it. Like eating the roots of a certain plant (or drinking tea made from it) to get rid of a headache. Science takes the plant and makes a pill called aspirin, and now it's medicine. I've never heard of this water dilution thing that y'all are talking about.

monnanon 13

@76 dont worry i used to think the same. homeopathy just doesnt make any sense. at least natural remedies have some basis in science.

TheDrifter 23

Rps, a lot of people have been using the word homeopathy instead of naturopathy lately and it's confused the meaning. What you thought was homeopathy is naturopathy and homeopathy is quackery trying to ride on naturopathy's name and time tested moderate results

#78 Tim Minchin also has some amusing views on it

#76: Homeopathy is quackery that relies on two assumptions. First is that 'like cures like', so the cure for a headache is something that causes headaches. Second is that a treatment becomes stronger with each dilution, because the water 'remembers' substances it was in contact with. Homeopathic remedies are diluted in stages, generally in a 1:10 or 1:100 ratio, and this is repeated many times. Often, there is not a single molecule of the active ingredient left, but homeopaths would have you believe this is a potent remedy because of the water's memory effect. Of course, they ignore a crucial flaw in the memory hypothesis: if water really did have such a memory, then it would 'remember' every impurity and toxin it had ever touched, and would be extremely deadly. Homeopathy shows a profound misunderstanding of how the world works, and governments should force vendors of these 'remedies' to label them as to what they really contain, which is generally either plain water or sugar.

It's called preventative medicine. Eat healthy, eat superfoods, and omitt chemicals from your diet and you're decreasing your likelihood of sickness immensely. Also 'Bad Pharma' is a good book on this topic.