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YDI loser. people paid to hear them play not to hear you fail.

Well, I guess that's one way to audition!


Well, I guess that's one way to audition!

lol X3 *fave* sounds like you lost your head for a moment there.. happens to us all. laugh it off :) wouldnt we all do that? ok maybe not all but lol

lalalaLAAAAAA! 

*** new thought.... *with all my heart?* ... was this a dragon tales musical you attended??? :D

wow. its the end of the world.

26, I thought of that too!

This is a song, lala lala, Elmo's World! :D

not confident enough ;)

fucking drama nerds, even us bandfags hate you

hey! what happened to the FML about the neighbors doing it in Op's pool?? I had a good comment.

Does anyone really give a rat's ass!

weird you say that because at my school all the cool kids, stoners, football players, and cheerleaders did plays haha

Hahahahaha!! I love this.. Well hey congrats you wrote some lyrics for their song at least! That's creative

I don't think it was an audition buuuut I'm guessing they must have seen Evita at Stratford cuz I had the same feeling too. lol only I didn't belt out anything cuz I knew it would be too good to be true. haha

26 you have officially had made my day

26 I'm thinking maybe so, only annoying assholes sing out loud at musicals. I hate when I go and some idiot decides to sing every word, people pay to see professionals perform not a random person. The worst is when the person singing only knows the lyrics from a movie adaption of the performance (like Sweeney Todd) so they don't know the real lyrics, just what was in the movie.

So, how many of these comments actually relate to the original comment. Where are the moderators when you need them! Trolling bastards.

you fucked up. end of story.

281, it's called threadjack. stfu and gtfo

287 - I know what it's called you wanker. I'm saying it annoys me. Keep the fuck up.

I was going to say he's a teenage douche bag but I think wanker is more appropriate.

Thought of that too 26! You obviously were a cool kid who watches dragon tales also :)

I guess you were out of sync.

Lolz, if the were a good singer and in sync with good tuning, then it probably wouldn't be so bad and maybe you would get discovered. Would definitley stink if OP was out of sync, yikes! OP, well now some people in the crowd know your "Song" ;)

Rather, this is what you call a reversed lipsync.

suks for you amigo

Sucks for the people around her

At least you made up lyrics to the instrumental.

haha!!! that's funny but really weird at the same time.

kinda like your pic! ;P. jk..

how much hairspray did you use for that look ? o_O

YDI loser. people paid to hear them play not to hear you fail.

It would be in everybodys best interest if YOU SHUT THE HELL UP ingnorance you fat piggy oink oink 

dont be idiotic. i really doubt u were there so how the hell would you know his singing is shitty????? idiot

You can spell out 'you' once, but you just don't have the brain capacity to do it twice, huh? You sir, are the idiot.

yeah thats totally diff then ur first comment. yeah it might be anoying never said it wasnt but u souldnt talk shit when u have never even heard her voice dumbass

Did you understand what i was saying???? if youy not a complete dumbass i bet u did so why the hell does it matter how i spelled the first one compared to the second??? By the way, who the hell was talking to you???

*Yeah, *that's *different *than *your *Yeah, *annoying, *I never *wasn't, *you *shouldn't *you *dumb-ass. G-R-A-M-M-A-R. Learn it and re-post.

*grabs popcorn and takes a seat*

yeah it was anoying cause it was out of place but technically that doesnt have to mean its a shitty voice. Do YOU HAVE ENOUGH BRAIN CAPACITY TO UNDERSTAND THIS???

The better question is, do you understand what /you're/ saying? *I *? (you don't need more than one punctuation mark) *you're *dumb-ass *I *you *did, *I *one, *? (again one punctuation mark) *? (AND AGAIN!)

I dont give a crap about the grammar jus trying to get my point across okay. or do u not get that with all ur intwlligance????

*don't *my grammar *just, *across, OK? *Do *you *all of *your *intelligence?

I dont give a shit about the grammar okay jus trying to get my point across geez ur so damn anoying ur worse than ignorance

lol @47! * adds fuel to the argument and also sits down* "you can all go suck a fat one!"

*don't *my grammar, *OK? *I'm just *across. *(geez is not a word, don't use it) *You're *annoying *you're *Ignorance. Didn't we just go through this? Thank you! That's a compliment.

Sam, I would expect this kind of nonsense from a kid. According to your profile, you're 20. Grow up.

*Joins the popcorn crowd*

Doc, I think it might be too late for this one. *Crosses fingers and hopes for a legible comment from Sam*

Oh damn, another butthole lol

*damn. *Another *butt hole, *LOL. The list is getting smaller. You're doing good.

I love you FFML_314. You just made my night.

It's hilarious, actually. FFML and Ignorance are trying to help you out by making you come off as less of a retard, because typing like that makes you look like, well, a retard. Stop getting butthurt, take their advice and learn some proper engrish, mkay?

I find it baffling that you guys would spend your precious time correcting an anonymous man's grammar. I'd feel rather flattered if I were him garnering all that attention. ò_ō Anyways, I do believe that musicals are intended to be enjoyed and sang along to. This isn't a communist country and people are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want. However, if the OP was asked nicely by the audience to "shut the hell up" then she's a nutjob.

I find it baffling that you would spend your precious time calling me out for correcting an anonymous man/woman's grammar. I feel very flattered that you took your time to read and reply. :D

All i was saying is that we have no way of knowing if OP has a shitty voice or not but i guess FFML or Ignorance dont get that. Adios idiotas, bobosas, y estupidas.

No, you called Ignorance a piggy pig, or some weird ass shit like that. We have no way of knowing if you're really this stupid or not, but I'm just guessing, because you sound really stupid. It's the power of assumptions. They can be helpful at times.

FFML, Is there a reason to why you didn't correct Jibz's errors?

They can be utterly idiotic in Ignorance's case.

OMG! I told you guys. People do listen when I correct them. Good job, Sam! *Standing ovation*

I don't believe that you sing along at a musical "with all your heart." It wasn't a concert where you are encouraged to sing along. You don't speak the lines of a movie if you've already seen it. You should show the same etiquette at a musical.

I didnt do it for you i jus figured if u actually stopped being a grammar nazi and read what i was posting then maybe u would understand where i was coming from. and yes i know my grammar is bad but its takes too long on my phone to correct everything and u might assume im really "STUPID" which im not but all i was posting was that Ignorance had nk way to assume that OP has a shitty voice. Nothing from OP's post implied she has a shitty voice. Not that im sating she doesnt. just that really, there is no way of knowing from the post.

I have some Sour Patch thingys left, Mercy. *Scoots closer* We can share.

*you. *I *just *you *Grammar Nazi *I *than *you *I *Yes *I *bad, *it *everything. *You *I'm *I'm *not, *I *know *I'm *saying *doesn't, You didn't just say that though. You jumped down her throat and called her a piggy pig. Didn't we go through that as well.

sorry 72, but "Oh damn" is not a complete sentence so he was right to use a comma. therefore, you're correction on his poor grammar is incorrect, causing you to also fail in this grammar war. lulz, these females are snobby bitches.

Actually "Oh, damn." is a complete sentence. I did, however, forget the comma after "Oh" Nice try though. :P

and to think I started this. :D

You did! You should be proud. :D

You knew exactly what I was talking about. She was just being a little potty mouth so I figured I would be one too. That still doesn't take away from what my comment was about.

Hey Sam, don't phones (the ones that actually have an FML app) auto-correct?

Oh sorry, you were being rude and vulgar.

illmatic this is great. *grabs some of your popcorn*

Yeah it does but I turn if off cause when I text my mom or Mexican friends in Spanish it has no clue what I'm trying to say.

Sam - Regardless, you should know how to spell 100% of these words. You're apparently the same age as I am, yet you spell worse than a fourth grader. Pen - Here. I bought a chocolate bar we can split... or there's black licorice.

here you go pendatik *gives you popcorn*

*comes in with arms full of popcorn* "enough for everyone!"

I think this is the most fun I have had on this app. Too bad I can't do it daily. Adios mis amigos 

HAHA! A girl goes to take a shower and comes back to all of this fun. Sam, you were the one being vulgar. Thank you, Ignorance. I'm glad you find me inspiring. :P Pen, I don't have any popcorn left, but I do have something else you can eat. Iliketocomment, your comment made me spit my Dr. Pepper out! Not cool, but hilarious!

Bow chicka wow wow...

Okay last comment. Like I said I do know how to spell English very well but I'm not perfect. After all it is my second language. I also stated earlier that this takes way to long to correct everything and sorry my English isn't great but I'm just trying to give my feedback.

*Comes in with a truck load of Shrimp* I heard we were having a food fest. Anyone want some shri.... *Looks around at everyone glaring* OK! It was just a suggestion. *Runs out the back door*

132 it's easy to spell English E-N-G-L-I-S-H not that hard.

135 I'll take some.

132 - It takes too long to correct everything? Then type it correctly the first time. Anna - As long as you've got seafood sauce, count me in. We'll split it, since no one else wants any. All the more for us! 136 - Smartass. You just earned "Steph points".

*Peaks through the window* Really? Good! I don't feel like such an outsider anymore. Pendatik was about to stab me, Steff was reaching for the gasoline, Ignorance..well..she just has to look and I pee my pants, Mercy was in her own world dancing in the corner (not such a threat) and Doc has been standing on top of that latter with an anchor for awhile. Is it safe?

142 .........I don't think so.......O_O

Fucking retard, learn to spell.

Damn! I have to pee really bad and it's scary back here. There's 2 hobos fighting over a dead cat and I'm not sure if that's a bat...or an old sandwich.

145 it's george bush. what do you expect?

146 try going on the other side *gunshot* ...nevermind...

Oh, don't worry, that wasn't a gunshot. It was Pendatik's bones rubbing together. He's old and rusty. They make awful sounds when he moves.

I hate to correct you, because you're really sticking it to Sam, but she was doing well, not good. *Retreats back to my corner*

152 yeah that's right bi*** go hide in your little sissy corner *chk chk* I suggest you don't come back.

Aw, damn! It showed up on the wrong post! My bad!

That made my night. Thank you! Haha

Holy crap! I take an hour or two to eat and put my daughter to bed, and look what I missed! Dammit, I missed the shrimp, and do I smell chocolate? So...what's this about an anchor? From whom did I steal that? I don't remember having an anvil, yes.

oh missed a lot. and I mean A LOT.

James Woods!

family guy ftw

I'm always too late. Fuck everyone who commented on this thread.

171 well it all started with ... *5 hours later* ...and then we come here, where you ask; "what did I miss?"

174 you're basically saying fuck yourself?

zp - yeah, Schitzo is ironic like that. Pen, you, Schitzo, and I missed everything. Apparently Anna went for another headshot. *sigh* Maybe next time...

Yeah I agree I wouldn't want to pay for a musical and have some ass singing over the band (even if it wasn't an instrumental)

180 I only missed the first half

I should stop leaving the internet when these intense threads are going on. Doc, I have this rash You picked up the anchor at the bar last night. Right after riding the mechanical bull and puking in Mercy's purse, which coincidentally came right after you got into a bar fight with Pen, because you thought he a gay hooker.

I gotta agree with 162.

183 you mean he's not?! man...what am I thinking?

btw I meant as in pen being a gay hooker.

No, he's a hooker. He's just not gay. I don't think. He's English and those Englishmen are tricky.

oh. well at least he's not gay. well I'm gettin off peace.

Barfight...puking in a purse...mechanical bull... Nope, not ringing any bells. Must've been another one of those blackout nights. This supposed "barfight" WOULD explain my black eye and that weird dream I had about wrestling a narwhal with a British accent. Hm. No hard feelings, eh, pen? Buddy?

He's out on Hollywood Boulevard right now. I don't have to explain why, right? Well, you were pounding them back pretty hard.

By the way, I'm with you in this conversation. Grammar is your friend and your losing this arguement.

that was rude

You're with me, but you spelt argument wrong and used the wrong *you're! Tsk Tsk!

Must've been a pretty epic night. If only I could remember. Did anyone take any pictures? Taco and jaz - who in the world are you talking to?

Damn! I missed the fight too? It's funny, I never have to ask who won. (:

LOL! Q, you didn't miss much. Just your typical FML squabble between me and the village idiots.

sourgirl, I saved a shrimp for you. It's been sitting out for a few hours, but I think it's still good.

oh by the way that comment was ment for that one guy.

34- Get a life, why are you spending your time on this guy? Stop being a grammar Nazi and GTFO. kthxbai.

*YOINK!* Not anymore, sucka! The shrimp's mine! All mine! Muahaha!

Angela, get on your knees and earn money the only way you know how.

cleaning shoes :D?

What the hell is that suppose to mean? I'm only 14, where I live we can't get a job till we are 16. You look 16 maybe you should be the one getting a job.

I think it's obvious what I meant. Also, not only am I not 16, but I certainly don't look 16.

I got a job for you Anna.(: *Hey, I thought there was an age requirement to even sign up for this site. Am I wrong?

Actually, you're right, you look 12. Thanks for the correction. 266- And yes, the age limit is 13.

Edit: 226 not 266, my mistake.

My oh my is your age showing.

Ha, good one. If only it was. I see yours hasin't has changed in a while either, huh?

Why are we fighting about this anyway? Why can't we all just get along and type the way we wanna type? I don't know about you but I am gonna go to bed. Night!

Um who do you love? people argue about funny things:))

No, the last time my age changed was in March. When I went from 20 to 21.

142- *peeks Sorry, you just lost "Grammar Nazi of the Week".

DAMMIT! Oh well. I think I can handle that I wrote the wrong "peeks" especially given the rest of the argument. I hope you feel complete. :D OC, you know me well enough to know this /always/ happens. Aren't you used to it by now? Your comment made me laugh though. :P

haha true that

it's doing well not good

u realize half of what he is saying is punctually and grammarly correct right? take the dildo outta ur butt. but honestly all of y'all need to mature. Jesus help y'all.

You all gave me a headache. I saw 'idiot' used. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

Wow, 125 replies (126 now), congratulations. I'm sick at the moment and wasn't having a very good night until now. Thank you for the entertainment everyone. Too bad I was too late to join though.

Shoot, my comment was late. Sorry, 129 replies now.

Grammarly? I'm being told to mature by a person that says "take the dildo outta ur butt" Strange.

Woot 123 comments! I'm on fire!! LITERALLY!

I tried to Google something and this notice appeared: "You've reached the internet limit. FML dried all resources. Too much bitching. Try to free some stupid bitching and you can surf freely". Than it was a link directly to this post.

Spelled. Spelt is a grain. Ohoho I have beaten you at your own game

don't have to be a TURD about it

* wakes up * where the fuck am I?

FACEPALM! Spelled is the American way to say it. I've always said spelt. Nice try, once again.

actually spelt is correct. it's the British way of spelled.

Haha! Mercy!

for 46 it was actually you're... :D cause he said you're a dumbass or something wrong your *you're

O.o Holy crap. Someone should send this to Guinness World Records for longest stream of comments. It's too bad I wasn't able to see it live. =[

These comments were hilarious. And I do agree that what Sam was saying was both idiotic and rude. After all, if I pay to go see a musical, all I want to hear is the actors, not some moron from the audience, which makes me consider theit voice, however good or bad, shitty. But be nice on grammar guys. Correcting is ok. Mocking : not cool. You don't know if English is everybody's first language. It's not mine, and though I would gladly have people help me improve my English, it would be hurtful if people started to jeer. Ah, well... maybe I'm being a hypocrite, since I thoroughly enjoyed reading all this :)

Grammar trolling is the lowest form of usefulness.

You're a dumbass.

mudkip, last I checked, the British were the ones who invented English, so they can spell things like "spilt" and "spelt" and even "gaol" if they please. Mercy, sorry about the purse, er, satchel. Send me the cleaning bill.

musicals are NOT meant to be sung along to!! Unless the OP was at a sing-along version of Grease or The Sound of Music, it is beyond obnoxious to sing when people are trying to enjoy the show. You can really tell which posters are Theatre people and know ettiquete.

*gives up*

I understand what Sam is saying. Just because you make a mistake doesn't mean you suck.

I seriously thought you were like 12

who wants to help me write my speech for when I am added to the book or records for starting the longest chain of comments?

Steff, I'm with you. *sigh*

J_Rari, see Sam wouldn't have been called out had (s)he not called Ignorance such a stupid and childish name. Yes, I'm "like" 12, because I can understand the difference between "your" and "you're" and because I made some person grasp that they're an idiot. If you think I'm 12, you're just as stupid as the other idiots on this thread. Steff, I don't see much reason to continue this thread anymore. :P I'm sure this won't be the last one today. Doc, I'm sorry! I tried to wake you up, but you were out cold. I even shook you, but nothing.

*wakes up again* thank god it's over!

lol such anger. RAWWWRRR!!!

Meat buuuns.

I'm not takin sides here. . . but NOBODY puts a hyphen in btween "dumbass"

You sang out loud at a musical? YDI...

My thoughts exactly.

wow I'm sorry but why is everyone acting like children?! and who cares about grammar? ok I find it annoying but I also found it annoying how you wouldn't shut the hell up with correcting him!

It's a musical, not a singalong.

only ba I ur a bad singer

WDF ?? there was one after this and it disappeared 0.0 and I was like close to the beginning thus is like my third time trying to say this

What the hell are you trying to say? Maybe you should take a basic English class and learn how to formulate a proper sentence.

well, actualy I have a horrible habit of trying to rush to getting it close to the beginning . If this bothers you I don't care

u r not over 18, why do u have this app?

185 - There are ways.

185: her profiles indicates that she was born in 1980. Her avatar might be her daughter, niece or sister.

Was it a sing-along musical? Like Pooh Bear and Friends or something? Keep your mouth shut next time, fail-bot.