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I predict a sudden, violent bowel movement in your near future.

what a fail


what a fail

wtf? lol if this happened at your own house it's definitely your fault and a fail. how did you not notice they existed for a year?..

I've got some chicken breasts on my fridge that has been sitting there for about 3 yrs.. I'm shooting for 5 yrs.

mom do we have donuts!? yea they're in the attic! ok thanks mom.

I AGREE 27 whoo :P

tweetbaby14 18


Also you are pretty much gonna die from eating mold.

just the thought made me throw up a little in my month.

do you eat cheese? if so you already eat mold.

Ydi for not 1) checking the expiration date on your food 2) not looking at what your eating, BEFORE you eat it 3) and lastly for keeping a year and a half old food on your house!!! People these days SMDH -______-

That's gross op. why didn't you check them after you ate the first one and it tasted funny?

I fail to understand as to how you couldn't possibly tell they were old by looking at them. Within a few days they go all hard and nasty. Imagine a year later...eurgh >_<

...epic fail... -_-

epic fail. that's sick. I woulda freaked out if I bit it, can't stand mold! :(

oh no! Im sorry for you ;-(

ydi for not checking the expiration date!

I check the expiration date before I eat anything. who wants to eat something old? not me.

I can't bring myself to imagine the scene! so gross! =x

that is disgusting.

I predict a sudden, violent bowel movement in your near future.


cochino ydi for not checking the experation date