By Anonymous - 20/09/2010 08:28 - United States

Today, I ate what was supposed to be a delicious mini powdered donut. The first one tasted funny, so I pulled out another one and realized that the powdered sugar was now in fact powdered hairy mold. Then I looked at the package and realized it was over a year and a half old. FML
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I predict a sudden, violent bowel movement in your near future.

what a fail


what a fail

wtf? lol if this happened at your own house it's definitely your fault and a fail. how did you not notice they existed for a year?..

I've got some chicken breasts on my fridge that has been sitting there for about 3 yrs.. I'm shooting for 5 yrs.

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mom do we have donuts!? yea they're in the attic! ok thanks mom.

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I AGREE 27 whoo :P

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Also you are pretty much gonna die from eating mold.

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just the thought made me throw up a little in my month.

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do you eat cheese? if so you already eat mold.

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Ydi for not 1) checking the expiration date on your food 2) not looking at what your eating, BEFORE you eat it 3) and lastly for keeping a year and a half old food on your house!!! People these days SMDH -______-

That's gross op. why didn't you check them after you ate the first one and it tasted funny?

I fail to understand as to how you couldn't possibly tell they were old by looking at them. Within a few days they go all hard and nasty. Imagine a year later...eurgh >_<

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...epic fail... -_-

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epic fail. that's sick. I woulda freaked out if I bit it, can't stand mold! :(

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oh no! Im sorry for you ;-(

ydi for not checking the expiration date!

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I check the expiration date before I eat anything. who wants to eat something old? not me.

I can't bring myself to imagine the scene! so gross! =x

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that is disgusting.

I predict a sudden, violent bowel movement in your near future.


cochino ydi for not checking the experation date