By Anonymous - 07/12/2014 00:56 - United Kingdom

Today, I asked out the girl of my dreams. She was so excited that she had a severe asthma attack and ended up in hospital. Her answer was yes, but her parents won't let me anywhere near her now. They say I'm lucky they haven't sued me for "trying to kill her". FML
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I guess you could say you left her breathless

At least it was a yes, if it was a no you'd feel even worse :/ hope she gets better soon and it works out.


At least it was a yes, if it was a no you'd feel even worse :/ hope she gets better soon and it works out.

And quite an excited yes. This is probably a weird way of looking at it, but I think it would be a big compliment if somebody got so excited they had an asthma attack when you asked them out.

"I wasn't trying to kill her, I just left her a little breathless...."

Thats my fetish...

This is like a nerdy version of Romeo and Juliet...

in sickness and in health??

I guess you could say you left her breathless

OP is a lady killer! Taking her breath away and all. (:

My avatar. ...enough said.

#2 my name. ...enough said.

I'm happy for you! But that also sucks.. You know what they say, kill them with love.

I never thought you could take this phrase so... literally.

Depending on how old you and her are you can simply ignore the parents

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Mine did. Met him when I was a teen, now we're married.

I think it was just a knee jerk reaction on her parents behalf. After she recovers, I'm sure they will calm down and probably allow her to see you, OP. Most parents wouldn't forbid something or someone that makes their child happy.

i guess you took her breath away

I feel like that would be both terrifying and slightly traumatic, yet very complementing...

YEEEEAAAAAAAH!!!! *puts glasses on*

If it's the girls of your dreams, have a talk to her parents, and thoroughly explain your intimate and personal feelings and genuine care for her. If you demonstrate that you're not another "guy", they will appreciate that and hopefully change their mind.

It's not up to the parents to decide. It's a free society for a reason.

36, that depends on how old you are. You're only as free as your parents let you be (within reason) until you're independent.

Well maybe he shouldn't explain his intimate feelings of her to her parents. ;)

At least you found out she likes you back that's still better than never telling her how you feel.

I hit YDI by accident, you really should be able to undo this.

you should but its too technical and the mods are too sadistic.

Your charm was just breathe taking.

At least it was a yes! :D I am so excited for you! Her parents will realize you had no ill intentions for their daughter, then you two can be happy! Yay!