By SilverZephyr - 16/01/2015 12:49 - United States - Marion

Today, I asked out a girl that I've liked for a while. She thought I was joking and laughed, saying, "No. Have you met yourself?" FML
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What a rude bitch!

I'd suggest asking what she meant by that. Everyone has flaws, it's best to know what yours are.


What a rude bitch!

Looks like he dodged a bullet there..

"I did, it's not a bitch!"

'yeah I'm a nice guy, figured I'd be nice to a bitch'

But you have just met a girl more known as a bitch..

Wow, what a bitch. Sorry OP, you can do better!

sorry, but on your pic there seems to be a bit of other stuff around your tits.

How do you report a user on the app?

I'd suggest asking what she meant by that. Everyone has flaws, it's best to know what yours are.

It's true, but the sort of person who'd actually say something so blatantly insulting to someone's face isn't someone good to be around. Instead, get your close friends to rant at you when they're angry at you. Trust me, you'll find out your flaws.

I'm just curious to know if OP is widely regarded as a horrible person. Granted, the girl's response was horrible, but I'd love to know if her opinion of OP is widespread.

Ive jokingly said things like that. Maybe she was joking. Sometimes this site blows things out of proportion

@56 or maybe you're a bitch too? like 5 said, we all have flaws.

#57 - the FML literally says she thought he was joking.

What a little hussy. Don't worry OP, you're better off without someone like that in your life :)

It's best just to be nice and kindly remind her that she's rude and disrespectful and you don't deserve to be treated like that.

Hey OP look on the bright side, rejections aren't the worst thing in the world. Though it may sting a little right now, just wait. When one door closes another opens, I met my fiancé a week after a bad rejection. Keep your head up.

sorry to hear that OP. don't worry there's a nice girl out there for you somewhere :)

With that kind of attitude, seems more like you dodged a bullet there OP!