By Dirtyswede - United Kingdom
  Today, I asked my Swedish friend for some lines to impress this swedish girl I met at an expat party he took me to. I practised them all evening before I met her. I told her my feelings, and she scowled. Apparently I had wished the devil upon her - after asking if i could ejaculate on her face. FML
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Nice pickup line. i should try that one time. too bad ive never actually met a svedish girl b4. wat kinda foreign party were u at anyways? you owe your friend a lot for this cause she prob enjoyed it.

  easylazy  |  0

Lol I copied #1 into Google translate:
Good to learn from others' mistakes, because you do not have time to commit all of yourself.

Btw, OP, this is the oldest trick in the book. I don't know how you could have fallen for that!!!
Kan jag ejakulat på ditt ansikte? Jag önskar djävulen på dig.

  virgilwoods  |  0

Best one:

Jag ar din hallik, sug min balle din hora

Got this line from a friend, same situation as OP, though it actually worked 'cuz I said it butchered on purpose


Yeah agree agree with this guy. Instead of asking your friend, you should have gone online and looked it up (though it may not always be 100% accurate). It's like the FML with the girl who asked her friend how to say "Fuck Me" in Spanish so she could say it to her Spanish boyfriend, and she was told to say "Pollo Frito" (Fried chicken).

So yeah... Don't listen to your friends when they give you translations. They generally screw you over and think it's funny.


hatar norge fööööfan wooo!!

im an exchange student, and my host brother told me about how he fucked over the old exchange kid they had. the kid in question, P, asked how to say "Hello my name is P, how are you?", so he could say this to the grandma, to which my host bro told him to say "Tja 'P' heter jag och jag har pung svet!" Kid fell for it, and apparently grandma got pretty surprised. FHL.