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  Snazzy_Snaz  |  17

I will not lie, but I did laugh when I read it. However, that doesn't mean what I thought she did was appropriate. OP's mom is an asshole for saying that. A mother should be way more caring to their child.

  ApollosMyth  |  22

The mother may be an asshole, but she was an asshole in a funny way, which I saw humor in. It's kind of like stand up comedians; funny, but a bitch half the time.

  awkward611  |  26

I didn't think it was appropriate either but instead of writing a paragraph about it I just said I thought it was funny because it is and I doubt she was serious

  DDCA  |  24

I thought it was quite appropriate. The sensitive people on this site have sucked the joy out of leaving creative, cynical and sometimes brutally honest comments that only enhance the antic dote OP's leave. If the poster is able to laugh at themselves and the situation, the commenters should be able too, as well. Kudos to you for not stating the obvious. And a nice middle finger for the sensitive FML readers who ruin comments by thinking their bullshit Dr. Phil advice is appreciated on here.

  Spider_Web  |  11

I agree, it's a comments section on a website based on humor. All the grammar Nazis and overly sarcastic "comment police" are getting really annoying

  aimeegoldberg  |  22

i'm so sick of reading comments to FMLs saying "what a bitch." learn some respect you guys! all the mom did was make a joke. im sure she didnt mean it to sound so harsh, and that OP didnt take it to heart. lighten up!


99- Nope. I pressed YDI because he was fishing for a compliment, even if it were a genuine concern for his own self-image. Sometimes you reel in a rusty old can or a holey boot. Doesn't matter if a guy or a girl, you're leaving yourself open to that.

  DWordHead16  |  19

#99 & 104: I know right? Double standards tends to lurk amongst many commenters on this site... I don't know why people decide asking if they're ugly is the best way to get a compliment in the first place. It gives you like two seconds of happiness, just before you end up seeing another flaw you'd want a compliment/reassurance on. Which is why "fishing for a compliment" is a good saying. You'll keep casting to get more fish, right? Well yeah...
I don't even think I made sense lol

  drewflav  |  17

I think what #3 really means to say is a Chuck Norris punch or possibly even a roundhouse kick. After all, the Falcon Punch is nothing more than a knockoff of Chuck Norris hitting something in his sleep ;)