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  MLB6  |  2

yea well i am 14 and my brother is 16 and my brother always was like that until my mom passed away yesterday and he has not stopped crying

  Anteezy  |  7

Your mom died yesterday and you're on FML? On topic: don't ask dumb questions like that OP, fishing for love is sad, if people love you they will act in a certain way that is way more obvious than saying "I love you".

  Reyo  |  2

As I've said to oh so many people before you. WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD. Once you figure out that you're not the only one who has issues with their teen, you'll be a hell of alot happier.

  crazytoaster  |  2

@ OP

Your kids love you. But stop with the baby shit in front of your 16 year old son. It's not cute, it's fucking sad, he won't appreciate it and chances are he'll start hating you for it.

  k43L1  |  0

i am so glad my parents raised me with unconditional love. my friend really feels that love is a bribe! she's such a self-centered ass!

  DwayneHoover  |  0

Exactly, exactly, exactly * 10^9999.
More and more I keep thinking that this website should not only have YDI and Your Life Sucks buttons, but also a "So What?" button.

  ActionManly  |  11

Would you rather him say something like "you raised me with pride even when situations started to make a stench" as his noxic fumes seeped through your nostrils O_O

YDI, bitch.