By ljjprchf - 13/12/2009 01:29 - Australia

Today, I asked my kids how much they loved me. My seven year old responded, 'I'll love you forever mummy.' My sixteen year old responded, 'Can you wind down the window, I just farted.' FML
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That's teenagers for you.

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haha I guess i only find that funny cos I am 16, hardly an fml, more like my life is perfect cos my child has a wonderful sense of humour


That's teenagers for you.

yea well i am 14 and my brother is 16 and my brother always was like that until my mom passed away yesterday and he has not stopped crying

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YDI for having a dead mom

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MLB6, I advice you not to write a sob story on FML because some of these commentators don't really care about your life.

Your mom died yesterday and you're on FML? On topic: don't ask dumb questions like that OP, fishing for love is sad, if people love you they will act in a certain way that is way more obvious than saying "I love you".

Reyo 2

As I've said to oh so many people before you. WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD. Once you figure out that you're not the only one who has issues with their teen, you'll be a hell of alot happier.

@ OP Your kids love you. But stop with the baby shit in front of your 16 year old son. It's not cute, it's fucking sad, he won't appreciate it and chances are he'll start hating you for it.

@mlb6 this is the least caring place on the internet to put yer life story if ya want attention/pity.

I think telling it over a CoD Free For All would be way worse...

44: Your mom died yesterday, and you're on FML? Wow, either you're making that up, or you're just an @$$hole.

You're a dumbass 56

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haha I guess i only find that funny cos I am 16, hardly an fml, more like my life is perfect cos my child has a wonderful sense of humour

LMAO I KR:) (16 too) It's a priceless family moment:'D

My response probably would've been something like "Depends, when am I going to get that jacket I wanted?" Love is only a bribe. XD

i am so glad my parents raised me with unconditional love. my friend really feels that love is a bribe! she's such a self-centered ass!

v1kt4r 13

Is her name Tigg3r???

Hahaha... FYL :D

Feels good, man.

I would of probably acted the same way if my mum asked me "How much do u love me" LOL!

YDI Why would you even ask kids how much they love you, especially a teenager? Is your self-esteem so low that you need to ask how much do you love?

this isn't an FML. your life is average.

Exactly, exactly, exactly * 10^9999. More and more I keep thinking that this website should not only have YDI and Your Life Sucks buttons, but also a "So What?" button.

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What did you expect him to say? He's 16.

Yay for age discrimination? >_>

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please tell me it's a sixteen year old guy not girl

Why can guys say that and girls can't?

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Well, he loves you enough to not want you to breathe in his noxious fumes. That's pretty sweet of him, actually. Maybe you should have posted this on MLIG!

Would you rather him say something like "you raised me with pride even when situations started to make a stench" as his noxic fumes seeped through your nostrils O_O YDI, bitch.